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Monday, December 15, 2014

Seashells & Worms


I love that about our Savior and Christmas. Actually, with all of our investigators, that’s a huge topic right now. I don’t know if you’ve seen the video, "He is the Gift", but if you haven’t, go watch it because it’s awesome.  I’ve shed a tear the last 2 times I’ve watched it. I thought about Abraham and how much faith he had to "almost sacrifice" his son... but then I think of our Heavenly Father, and like you said, Jesus is the only literal son of God and it’s amazing that our Heavenly Father loves us so much that he would be willing not only to give his son, but watch him die, and suffer for the sins of the world. It definitely gives Christmas a new meaning .. at least to me. ha :)  But anyways seriously if you haven’t seen the video, go watch it. PS - it’s even better in Spanish. 

This week was great - a little slow, but great. :) I can’t believe that I’ve already been out for 3 months. It doesn’t seem like a long time compared to the mission in general, but that’s like a whole summer!

Anyways.. last week for p day was dope. We played soccer on the beach again and just enjoyed the sun shine :)  Later that night, we had to sleep in the ZLs room AGAIN cause Elder Martinez had to go to Piura on Tuesday morning for a leaders meeting. The zone leaders were a little late so we ended up waiting like 2 hours for them. Martinez, Olortegui, Hogge, and I were so bored - oh my word. But hey on the bright side, I learned to dance the Salsa. :) We had to keep ourselves entertained somehow! :) haha 

When we woke up on Tuesday, the ZLs informed me that I was having a trio in MY area for the whole day. We purposely didn’t plan anything cause we thought that both of us were gonna be gone.... it was a LONG day. Elder Hogge, Elder Perez from Bolivia, and I walked around for HOURS and no one was home. And when I say no one, I literally mean no one.

Butttt there was one funny story. So like I said, there’s drunks everywhere. Borochos. This guy comes over to us and is so fascinated by our white skin.. and he just keeps repeating "gringos", "gringos". haha anyways.. he memorized my name from my plaque and now whenever he sees me, he yells from like 50 feet away "HARRIS"!!!! hahaha

We ended up waiting 2 hours at the bus stop for our companions to return from Piura.. why did it take so long, you may ask..... they wanted dinner...................

Thursday I went on exchanges with Elder Campo. Ecuador. He was one of my best buds out here. It was hilarious. We finished this lesson with this guy and he had some pigs in the back, so of course I asked if I could see them. Anyways we found his cousin back there with these pigs.. (don’t ask me why) and when he saw that we were representatives of Jesus Christ, he literally started pleading for forgiveness from his sins. Like what... we just left. ha.

Speaking of smelly things, on Sunday I found this sea shell. It was a cool sea shell so I put it in my bag and I forgot about it.  All of Thursday my bag just smelled HORRIBLE and I couldn’t figure out why.  So when we got back to the room, I found the shell and looked inside and it was full of WORMS! MAGGOTS! Everywhere. So I chucked it outside.. I looked in my bag and it was full of worms! I washed it :)

Church was great.. like always :) An RM from Chili spoke and he made it a little more interesting which is always nice :) 

But other than that, that’s about it for me this week.  It’s getting HOT! And I mean HOT with a capital H O T.  During the day, our room is seriously like an oven but on the bright side.. we had water all week!  On the dark side, the ZLs informed us that there’s gonna be no water in the whole city this week so fill your buckets.  To be continued....

That’s about all. I hope you guys have a great week!!
I miss you guys! Love you guys. Keep it real.

-Elder Harris IV

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