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Monday, November 17, 2014

Bowling, Crazy Food & Church


What’s been happenin! haha 

Ahhh Mommmm... I love you so much. Thank you for sending me the stuff.  I don’t need a ton... just peanut butter. I’m not kidding, it’s like the holy water down here. People go absolutely nuts over it. The members and the missionaries. haha   Funny story - this family found out I had some... so they asked me if they could have some... of course I said yes, but.. I didn’t know how to transport it to their house so their son came over to our apartment and we couldn’t think of anything so we just threw some spoonfuls in a grocery bag hahaha

On typical day we get up at 6:30 and work out. Then shower in the arctic water and eat breakfast. I usually start studying about 7:45 until 11. It seems like a long time but it’s really not much. At 11 we leave the apartment and work until 1. Then we have lunch for an hour and at 2 we have language study.  We leave again at 3 to work and get back to apartment about 8:45 or 9. We plan for the next day, eat dinner and finish up about 10. We chill for 30 minutes and go to bed and wake up and do it all over again :) Yes, my ipod works and it’s glorious.  The district meetings are always in Talara, so like 20 minutes away.  Our apartment isn’t much. There’s a little 1 circle stove on the ground. but the problem is that we never have water to use. To get drinking water  we have to walk like half a mile to get it and we just don’t have a lot of time. soooo we just eat bread. THANK YOU FOR OATMEAL MOM! I LOVE YOU.

Hey wow I saw you changed everything in the house! It looks great! Why such a big change? You must be going through a mid life crisis or something. Don’t worry mom it will get better. Just give it some time. :)

This week was awesome. Last week for p day we went to this bowling alley.  It is the oldest in South America. 103 years old. haha It was like throwing a rock down a wood floor and you had to set up the pins by hand. Haha!  It was fun though :) I also cleaned my apartment and it took me 2 hours but I actually feel somewhat clean now. Haha! Before I continue, I better tell you that when I was washing the dishes this week and I cut my thumb open with a knife. I better not send a pic......

Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Campo from Ecuador. It was awesome except for the fact that in my real area, 2 investigators that we’ve been teaching told us that they know the church is true and they want be baptized! Soo yeah boohyah. December 6th. Save the date! I guess it’s not about me though so I should just be happy for them. All this hard work is really paying off!  haha

On Thursday, their son cooked us dinner. It was great. He literally chopped a chicken right in front of our faces and mixed it with some rice. It was great besides the fact it was still bleeding. Please take me to the hospital when I get home to get my stomach pumped. Thanks.

We also ate masamora this week. It’s black corn in liquid form. Goopy liquid form. It’s weird. It makes my stomach sick. Also the crazy food of the week... drum roll bababa… QUAIL EGGS!!!! Like literal quail eggs.  Like who eats that? And they were fresh too. Like the quail had just dropped them out moments before and I had to eat like 5. 

On Friday night we slept in the zone leaders room cause we went to Piura on Saturday. There were 6 people in a tiny room and 4 of us on 2 tiny mattresses. As you can imagine, it was a long night. We had to get up early (3:15 a.m.) to get to Piura.  We left the room at 4 and walked to the bus station and left Talara at 5. We arrived in Piura about 7:30 AM. It was nice though because I just slept on the bus. Well what I could, it’s hard because its hot and there’s a lot of smelly latinos. It was so nice to see all of my homies though. Beidleman, Haws, Hanvey. ahh GLORIOUS. We started the meeting at 8:30 and Elder Evans of the 70 spoke to us. It was great. He talked about hastening the work, repentance and obedience. It was very long and the meeting didn’t end until 1:30 and keep in mind that I hadn’t eaten ANYTHING.  No breakfast. Nothing. They finally gave us a sandwich around 2. We left Piura the same day and got back around 5:30. 

Yesterday at church, it was amazing. Almost ALL of our investigators and less actives came. And like we have no idea how they all came but dang were we happy. Usually we have about 36 to 38 people come but yesterday, we had 56!!! It was like a big family reunion! Everyone was just so happy to see each other. It was amazing, I wish you could’ve seen it. I just felt happy. Pure happiness. 

I also got to speak in church yesterday. I talked about faith. It was like 10 to 12 minutes long in Spanish and its crazy cause I don’t speak that well and my Spanish was near perfect. I spoke with power, and I truly felt like God was speaking through me. My testimony was strengthened yesterday.  I know that when we do put our trust in God that miracles can happen. I gained a stronger testimony of the power of God and the gift of tongues. It was an answer to my prayers because I was so nervous about it. ahh so crazy.  I wish you guys could’ve heard it - with a translator, of course :)

It’s great being here and I’m having the time of my life but it’s hard, really hard. I’m just trying to push through one day at a time. I’ve truly never been more humbled in my entire life. Sometimes I feel like I just keep getting punched and punched in the face time and time again but I’ve had such an amazing experience coming closer to my Savior because I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve got down on my knees and just said help me.  I can’t do this on my own and every single time, I’ve felt Gods love. I’ve felt him next to me. 

I’m doing great family, and sounds like you guys are too. Thank you for supporting me, it truly means the world to me. 

I love you guys more than anything! Always praying for you!

-Elder Harris IV

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