Called to Serve in the Peru Piura Mission

Monday, January 25, 2016


My word sounds like you guys had a good week... I wish I could’ve been there with you guys.... I love cruises. Be grateful for that snow, I’m currently sweating my head off in this internet lab on a computer that was built in the 1940s... 

As for transfers.............................. yes, I got transferred.  I’m opening a new area........ again. Haha! I’m in a place called San Bernardo.. it’s an interesting place :) I’m staying with my companion, Elder Urpeque.  We’re starting our 3rd transfer together, and I’m actually really happy about it. I love him, he’s been one of my favorite companions... 

President talked to me and told me he wanted to keep us together because he doesn’t want to fix anything that’s not broken. I thought it was a clever idea :)

Anyways, we just barely got here a couple house ago, and were lovin' it already.  WERE GONNA GO HAM HERE!

Monday I  bought a new camera... finally.  It’s really nice and it was pretty cheap as well!  Later that day, I went on divisions with Elder Wilson from Boise, Idaho.. I learned a lot from him about contacting. Haha! Interesting, right?  I learned that it should be more as a conversation, not a presentation. 

We entered one house, and we watched the video of Joseph Smith and the First Vision... the spirit was beaming and this girl straight up said "I want to get baptized"!  We were like WOAHHH WHAT??? So we put down a date and everything... really happy for her :) We also bought a hamburger and some maracuya juice for 3 soles and called it a day. :)

Tuesday was carnival..... aka the biggest water balloon fight in all history... not kidding.  Everyone and their dog was outside throwing water balloons at each other... crazy Peruvians :) 

We also had a broadcast conference for all the missionaries in the world on that day. The subject was "teach repentance, baptize converts".  I learned a lot on how I need to improve and I’m willing to make that sacrifice :)

Later in the day we had a great lesson with the Garavito family.  We talked to them about being a light to the world... that they were blessed enough to have the Gospel in their lives, so they should let that light SHINE! I told her that I saw that light in her eyes, and I felt an impression to tell her that her daughter needed to recognize that light though her.  I don’t know why I said it, it just came out. Her eyes starting watering up, and tears began to fall as the spirit settled deep into the room.  She began to tell us a story on how her 26 yr old daughter isn’t a member and that a couple months back, the Bishop told her that the would be converted to the Gospel through the light in her. She told to us that the Bishop and I used the exact same words, it almost freaked her out. Haha! She recognized it as an answer from God. How blessed do I feel to be used as an instrument in Gods hands.

Okay… sorry my message was so short today, the computer was super slow.. and it’s impossible to type cause the letters are broken. 

I hope you have a great week , love youuu!!

-Elder Harris

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