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Monday, February 1, 2016

So Many Miracles

Fam! Yo Yo what up?

San Bernardo is kickin’ hard! Lessgoooo! It’s super deserty and I’m pretty sure there’s more ghosts here than people - but were kickin’ it deep and rollin’ with excitement.  It’s hot like usual - our room is an oven, like usual.  On the bright side, we have a FANNNNNN! Yooooooooooo!

Okay, spirit time lets go.

Monday we had a family home evening with the famliy Marchena Muñoz. We talked a lot about eternal families and we shared  1 Nephi 18: 1-4 with them about Nephi building the boat and we compared that to our families and it actually turned out to be quite nice :)

Tuesday we built a home for a member that lives in El Indio! Woahhhh. Anyways, there was a ton of trash on his piece of land so we did just what any normal Peruvian would do.... we burned it. :)  It was fun, but it got really really hot. Just imagine that for a sec, Piuran sun mixed with fire, yeah try Satan’s kitchen.

Oh yeah, our Pensionista is super cool. Hermana Leon. Her husband is the secretary to the mission and her son just got back last week from his mission in Idaho, Twin Falls. #ENGLISH baby. 

Later that day, we visited a recent convert named Jose. He told us during his baptism he didn’t feel like he felt the spirit... we started explaining the functions of the spirit – to bring peace, love, comfort and before we could even finish our sentence he was like "HEYY that’s how I felt! I felt the spirit and I didn’t even know it!" It was kinda funny :)

Later it was Elder Simarron’s birthday so a member made us chicharon (aka fried fish) and arroz con mariscos (aka rice and octopus legssssss) Yayy.  They still had their little sucker things on there. Then we smashed him with eggs :)

Thursday  we saw 2 huge miracles.
1. The Marchena Muñoz family - so we walk in their house again, and we sit down at the table. The mom, Teresa had a strange look on her face. we asked her what was wrong and all she said was "thank you".  She began to tell us that last Monday, she was really struggling with some stuff but the message that we shared about eternal families pierced her heart so deeply. Her perspective was changed, and her heart was opened. She told us she was gonna work through it for her kids... for her marriage... and because she loves God and wants to live with Him again. WOW.

2. We contacted this big family sitting outside their houses and they pulled out some chairs so we could sit down and share with them. I was a little nervous cause there were A TON of kids playing and making a lot of noise, but we felt impressed that we needed to share something, so we just trusted in the Lord. I said the first prayer and during this prayer, I pleaded to the Lord that this family would be able to understand our message, without distractions.  As soon as a I lifted my head from the prayer, ALL of the kids entered their house, AND STAYED until we finished our message. There were no cars, no motos that drove by, complete silence. MIRACE.

Friday we had the opportunity to give a blessing to Suriel. He’s about dad's age and his legs are swollen HUGE. I think he has the sickness elephantitus. Anyways, for a long time he hasn’t been able to walk, he can’t even stand up and move his legs.. Like it’s really bad but he asked me to give him a blessing and I was happy to do it :) It was  a powerful experience, and I felt the spirit speak through me.  I learned this week that we must win the trust of the Lord first, and then we will see His hand. 

Saturday we had a baptism. his name is Jorge. It was another great experience... as they were standing in the font together, I looked over at Jorge’s mom and tears were running down her face. The Bishop raised his arm to  a square, bowed his head, and baptized him.


Sunday I got to know the people in the ward... they’re super cool . :)  I’ve tried to be as open as I can lately and its been an amazing experience. I’m talking with EVERYONE  I see. 

This was a great week... I saw so many miracles, and the hand of the Lord. I truly am being blessed out here, I recognize it. I hope you guys can recognize your blessings too.

Thanks for everything, love you guys. 

-Elder Harris

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