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Monday, February 22, 2016


Okay..... this week was amazing :)

Last Monday we visited this family and they were super shook up because their mom is about to die and they needed help. We talked about the plan of God and that sometimes we don’t understand it, but we know that it’s perfect.  I think it really helped them....

Tuesday we had a multi zone meeting... the spirit was so strong. I was filled :) We talked about having a good attitude.... if we didn’t have commandments, would we still strive to become like God? It made me think a lot and do a personal inventory. I think it was good for me :)

Later that day we found 3 teenagers... they literally opened the door and were like hey, we want to be baptized, what do we have to do? It was great, we entered in their house and put a baptismal date for March 19th.  

Wednesday we helped Roberto move dirt again. We worked all morning in the hot sun with very little water... it was brutal. but we did it smiling. :)  Plus, shoveling is my specialty :)

We had a lesson with Guillermina ... she’s amazing ha she’s attended the last 4 Sundays in a row, every Sunday since I’ve been here in San Bernardo.  We’ve talked and talked about baptism but she just won't commit just yet.. but in time. :) Her brother is a member in Chimbote and he said he would come up here to see her for the baptism.  When she does finally get baptized, she’s gonna be the strongest member in the ward, te lo seguro. :) 

Okay so this is a funny story... we have a less active member named Telesforo. Apparently he’s a soccer coach and he calls us telling us to come over because he has "a ton of references for us"... that his whole team wanted to listen to the missionaries. We were pumped, thinking we were gonna find some great people... we get to his house, and slowly starts rolling in his team to hear us.... best part, THEY WERE 5 YEARS OLD!!! We were like what in the world are we suppose to do with 10, 5 year olds? Anyways, he preached to us for about 20 minutes, then left and played soccer.  Pretty sure we only got about 10 words out, but he came to church last Sunday so things aren’t too bad :)

Thursday we had an awesome lesson with Isabel and Cani. We just barely found them about a week and a half ago and we left them with the invitation to pray and ask God if Joseph Smith was a prophet.  When we returned on Thursday and asked them how it went, Isabel was a little confused, but said that she felt happy, peace, and she wasn’t sure if that was her answer.  We helped her understand how the Spirit manifests and it was great, she was like "THAT'S EXACTLY HOW I FELT".  After, we turn to her daughter, Cani, who is like 26 years old and we asked her the same question but her response was very different.  "I received my answer", she says confidently.  She continues to tell us the story that she knelt down 2 days ago and asked God.  The house was silent, her baby was sleeping, and she explained to us that a love she had never felt before came over her shoulders.... at the end of her story she said, "I know its true".  We invited them to be baptized and they accepted the date for March 19th.  They also came to church yesterday :) 

Friday morning we helped Hermano Wilmer build a roof... in 41 degree weather... I’ll send pics. It was brutal. We were there from 8:30 AM until 2:30 PM... ALL DAY!! But he was super grateful for us because at least now he has a place to live with his family.

Saturday we had a huge zone activity in the area of the sisters... Ramon Castilla. We all got to together and for 3 hours, we knocked doors and tried to find new people. They split us up and I went with Elder Sinche.... MI PATA!! We knocked on this door, and this lady opens up and immediately starts to cry.  She told us that when she opened the door, she thought that I was her son that had passed away a couple years back... that she saw him in me.  It was a little strange, but we assured her that she would be able to see her son again.  Hope.

Sunday was great... a ton of our investigators went to church. We were super happy and I’m really praying I don’t leave this transfer because we have 8 people planning on getting baptized next transfer, but I’ll do whatever the Lord wants. :)  

Sunday was also the festival of Juntsa... I’ll explain a little more when I get home what that is. :)  I’ll just say that Peruvians are crazy.

It’s been a great week.  I love my mission, and I don’t wanna come home, please don’t send me home, okay maybe just to get away from this sun.

I love you guys, miss you... see you soon!

Read some scriptures.

-Elder Harris :)

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