Called to Serve in the Peru Piura Mission

Thursday, October 9, 2014

News this Week


It’s been an awesome week! Yeah I’m definitely getting used to the food... I just try and mix it up all the time.  You’d be surprised at what we put in our rice... hot sauce, onions and tomatoes... all of it. But hey sounds like you guys had a killer week!! I imagined all the stuff you guys were doing on Kenzie’s birthday and I got a little homesick but I’m still doing good.  Why am i not surprised you went to Texas Roadhouse?:)  haha   

I can’t believe I’ve already been out here for a month! The weeks seem like days here.  I’m so busy all the time that’s probably why.  Dang I wish you could see my life here. It’s amazing.

Some news this week:  I’m the new zone leader.  The president said were over like 70 missionaries.  It’s a super cool opportunity, just a lot of extra work.  I’m excited though.  Everyone always looks at me to be the example though and its tough sometimes.  But i get some perks as well.  I had the opportunity to welcome some latinos and show them around the campus.  I watched all of them say goodbye to their families at the gate so that was a little hard cause it made me think of you guys.. but I reassured their families that they were in good hands :)  We got to take all the new Americans to breakfast the next day as well.. they’re all pretty shook up and nervous.. (as I can imagine I was the first day) so we laughed and joked all day to make it feel a little more like home.  We held a meeting for them and we shared all types of stories and shared advice for them... it takes a lot of time to be a zone leader. geez.

We got 2 new latinos in our room.  1 is from Ecuador and the other is from Columbia.  They’re pretty quiet but very nice.  Especially the one from Columbia.. He’s 25 and a lawyer.  A genius! Super proper and eloquent.

Conference was amazing! Who would have known there was that many good stuff in there when you actually pay attention! I wish I could go through all the speakers and say my favorite part but I ain’t got no time.  My favorite part quote was "go to work so there is something God can help you with". a perfect quote for a missionary.  I loved every second though.. feels like I got hit by a spiritual train. We also got to watch Ephraim’s rescue on Sunday.  A nice break.

Oh my word, you’ll never believe it. There was an earthquake here last week. It wasn’t big but it gave us a scare.  haha.  I love the temple here.. the celestial room is beautiful. It’s my favorite part of the week.   Anyways... as we were walking there, this lady was moving boxes so I asked if she needed help.   We finished helping her and she was like gracious, gracious and ran to give Elder Beidleman a big hug and then she tried to kiss him. We laughed and laughed. He was stunned. Anyways,  as we were walking back, we usually get on the bus, but Elder Hogge assumed he knew where he was going and took us around and we ended up walking an extra 30 minutes.  Retard.

It’s actually pretty cold here in Lima. I wear my sweater a lot more than you think #thanksmom.  Also, thanks for the blanket.  I love it.  

There were also no vents in the bathroom this week.   As you can imagine, hot, sweaty, SMELLY. The Elders thought it was funny to not flush the toilet. ha. haa. ha.  Also this week we had to say goodbye to the elders we’ve been with for the past 4 weeks.   It was tough cause we got super close to them.  They had to leave at 4 am and as you can imagine everything is more emotional at 4 am.  The latinos were hard too. Elder Guzman and I got super close. He gave me his favorite tie when he left.  I’ll send pics when I can. 

haha funny story. Also, inappropriate so beware.  Our president doesn’t speak much English. So he came in our room a couple nights ago while we had our flashlights on and he slams open the door and yells "give me your lamps" - go ahead and imagine that in a Columbian accent. Okay so this is where it gets bad - my comp and I had a meeting with him cause were the zone leaders right? He hands us some papers and says "here are your sheets" hahahaha we could not control ourselves. We were biting our hands as hard as we could to stop laughing.  I’m horrible, I know.  haha Also our teacher doesn’t speak much English but he’s hilarious.  He always says "do you need repentance?" As if he’s commanding us to repent but he poses it as a question. It’s probably not funny to you but it is to us. We always say it now.

The teaching here is going awesome.  It feels more real and real every time we teach because now we can actually teach with the spirit cause we can speak the language now.  Well.. not really, but better. All I know is the gift of tongues is real! It’s very frustrating at times but it gets better every day. haha.

The spirit is amazing here. I love feeling it every second of the day.  An experience I had:   I was having a rough day this week and I just prayed and prayed and prayed all day and as I was praying late at night I heard the spirit tell me the God was proud of me.  It was an amazing experience.  I love it and I get so excited when I get to share my testimony and exercise my priesthood power.  I love giving blessings and I wish Ii could do it every day.  I’m doing awesome here, so you don’t have to worry about me at all.  I depart to Piura on the 21 or 22 - I can’t remember so I’ve still got some time left.  I don’t need anything except for maybe some treats and TUMS.  I’ve got like acid reflux here all the time because I eat so much rice and bread.  It’s horrible.

I love and miss you guys like crazy. I try and occupy my time so I’m not to home sick, but it happens occasionally. I pray for you guys every night like crazy!  Oh and if you’re wondering, usually it’s like 9:40 your time.  So when you see that, just know I’m praying for you right now! I’m doing awesome, and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else with my life right now.

I hope you guys are killing it, and I feel awful I missed Kenzie’s birthday. Tell her that I love her and miss her.

12 more days till the field!
love you guys.

exact obedience.
- Elder Harris

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