Called to Serve in the Peru Piura Mission

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Keeping it Real


Oh man, this week has been great.. just like every week here at the CCM.  I’m feeling better.. I was only sick for a couple days but once everyone stopped shaking hands, the sickness went away.  Yeah my foots better and I wear the ankle brace when we play soccer and it isn’t too bad anymore.  No doctor haha. 

Sounds like you guys had an awesome week! I can just picture Treyson playing football and I started laughing.. haha that’s a good thing. Danggg Kenzie’s birthday is this week?? Have I really been gone for that long??

Well this week was an adventure.  Last p day when we were on the bus, I got scammed and paid 4x the amount I was supposed to.  The guys that work on the bus are good at what they do... the buses are ridiculous. 1. I can’t even stand up straight.  I have to bend my head in because they’re so small. 2. They pack us in like sardines and it smells horrible because no one showers here. And 3. It’s the craziest thing - people hang out of the buses here like no big deal and then they just jump off whenever. Haha!   Welcome to Lima. 

Also last p day.. funny story.  This man was banging pots outside this store and I had like 40 centimos in my hand which is like 15 cents and I didn’t want it so I figured I would be nice and give it to him.   He wasn’t begging for money....... he was trying to sell the pots. I was so embarassed and I just kept walking. haha

We got a new drink at the CCM.  It’s called maracuya.  We don’t know what it is but we love it.  We only get it every once in a while but when we do its glorious.  haha    Our new thing that we do here is tea.  We all drink it after breakfast and dinner and just visit.  It doesn’t taste good but we do it anyways...

We do some other weird things here at the CCM, like we have competitions who can make the best farm animal noises like a cow, pig, horse, goat.  Whatever we can think of.   Elder Humble wins everytime because he was raised on a farm.  Speaking of elder humble, yesterday he told us he wants to grow up and have a goat farm in the desert with his family.  He was serious. 

We make Book of Mormon jokes. Like  what? And then our RAP BATTLES.. oh man. best part about this place.  We all come into one room and make the person stand in the middle and they just rap. It’s hilarious. Mine was killer last night. I wish I could send it to you.

Elder Beidleman and I stay up late every night talking about our raps and our lives. He;s one of my favorites and I just love Elder Ayala because has to use the bathroom 18 times a day haha #smallblatterprobs

I miss my bed back at home... I think about it every night. The beds here aren’t great.. but the Latinos sure love them.  All of them are hilarious and also very blunt though. Like they’ll tell you straight up that you’re fat, short, etc.  They have no filter. My favorite Latino elder is Arias.  He’s from Argentina and he’s hilarious.  He’s so animated and every time we talk it’s like were playing charades because it’s so hard to communicate with him.  haha.  But we share some personal stuff with each other.  He and his companion have had some hard lives.  Both of their dads are dead. One was murdered and the other killed himself.  Their families are all torn up and I feel so bad for them every time they tell me stories. That’s how I feel like it is for a lot of the Latinos.  It’s so sad. They’re all from Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia, or Chile.  The Chileans and Ecuadorians are SOO hard to understand but the other 2 not so much.  It’s funny, all of them think it’s hilarious when they call me "Martin Harris".  My favorties are Elder Guzman, Peres, Hurtado, and Quispe. They’re all great guys.  BTW, I changed my hair.  There’s nowhere to get it cut here so I just let it grow and its LONG.  I let some hair straggle down my face like superman sometimes.  I’m just here to shake it up. Haha   We do a lot of that here. 

The milk here is warm so we don’t drink it.  There’s corn puffs though so we just mix it with our yogurt. It’s the best thing here.  We also have a thing called party toast.  We eat it almost every night.  It’s bread with butter and sugar.  It’s not super special but hey, we like it. Elder Beidleman and I came up with it and now everyone does it. #trendsetters.

My Spanish is coming.. slowly. but it’s coming.  I get frustrated and overwhelmed a lot of the time but that’s expected.  My mission is so tough in ways that I never would have expected it to be. It’s weird, but I love it here. I can’t believe I’ve already been out for 3 weeks!!  I wish you guys could come down to Peru for a little bit so you could see everything here. The city is breathtaking in more ways than one.  I miss home a lot and Alpine, but I know what I’m doing right now is where I am supposed to be.  Doing the Lords work!  It’s funny, I always look at my watch and try and think of what you guys are doing back at home.  It’s fun sometimes :)

I’ve had some awesome experiences this week.  We had the opportunity to fast and it was hard but it was good.  A powerful experience.  I got to bear my testimony and it was good.  After that when we went to class, we had some free time to read the scriptures and I literally started crying in class just because I love the Book of Mormon so much.  It was super cool.  I’m learning to recognize Gods hand in my life more and more every day.  A couple days ago I was super frustrated and then a kid in my district started singing "Come thou fount" - my favorite song and instantly was calm.  I love feeling the spirit here all the time.

How’s the neighborhood without me, Ster, Jared and Seth? Pretty quiet? :)
Has Ty taken all the stuff out of my closet yet??

What’s the craziest thing you guys did this week?  Oh btw, I loved the pictures.  You guys haven’t changed a bit. Can’t wait to send you all my pics!!

Things are good here, nothing really to worry about.  I’m having an awesome time and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Thank you for everything! For all the love and support. It’s humbling because a lot of the guys here don’t have that support from back at home.  So thanks again.

I love and miss you guys.
Keep it real.

exact obedience.

- Elder Harris 4

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