Called to Serve in the Peru Piura Mission

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Week 2 . . .

Ahh man such an awesome week! I’ve definitely gotten in the grove of this missionary thing and I’m having a great time! Your questions:

1.  How much time do you get on the computer?  I get like an hour. Sometimes a little less. Just whenever they say get off.
2.  What's the deal with your foot?  Is it your ankle?  Give me details please.  Haha no It’s like the side of my foot.  The bone on the big toe side. Make sense? It’s been hurting and I’ve been limping for this whole time. But it doesn’t hurt to bad so I don’t know what to do. If it still hurts in 2 weeks I’ll go see the doctor.

The food.  Are you pulling my leg about the soup, Patrick?  Haha  Haha the food is okay.  I got some hot sauce at the store today and I seriously love it.  I almost started crying it was so good.  And no, not a joke about the soup.  Don’t worry, I just drink the broth.  Protein mom. Protein.  My favorite food here is the pescados which is like fried fish.  It’s funny, because "sins" in Spanish is "pecados" and fried fish is "pescados" so everyone mixes them up when we teach. We laugh.

Do you feel like you have everything that you need?  Umm no I still feel like I need stuff but I can by a lot of the stuff at the store.  It’s called metros and they having everything.  It’s like a 15 minute walk from the temple.. but hey, I wish I would’ve brought tan pants. dang.

Do you have a visa yet?  Is that why you went to migrations?  A visa? I don’t think so.  I applied for one and if it gets turn down then I have to come back and serve a little in the states.. I should find out in like 3 or 4 weeks.  Not a joke either.

6.  What is your room like? The classrooms? Bathrooms?  The rooms are fine.  Like half the size of our family room.  There’s 6 of us in there.  I sleep on the bottom bunk so that super nice. My roomates are sooo sick.  Elder Beidleman is like my favorite elder here.  He’s from California and his companion is Elder Haws and he’s super chill too.  Then older guys, elder Oviatt and Elder Connelly.  The classrooms are nothing special.  Geez I feel like I’m back at school, where all we learn is Spanish. Gets old. We’re in class for like 12 hours a day. The bathrooms are good.  The showers? haha.. they have 2 settings of water.  Mount St Helens volcanic water, and gulf of Alaska water. We choose cold because at least it’s bearable.  I don’t mind, I’m seriously just grateful for a shower.

Do you have lots of free time? No we don’t have much free time.  We have physical activity for an hour and that’s about it and then about a half an hour at night.

Have you been playing volleyball?  I’ve been playing a little volleyball.  There are only a couple good people here and their physical activity times are different so I usually play soccer. Oh my word, soccer is my favorite sport now.  I had a bicycle kick goal yesterday... who does that? Look it up if you don’t know what that is.

Sounds like you guys aren’t having as good of a time as me here in Peru! Sounds pretty basic if you ask me :)  Ahh I’ll be praying for grandma though. Hope she gets better, I feel so bad for her. 
I don’t know if when we watch Conference live ... I just do what I’m told.

Ahh man that’s the stuff I miss! Football! Sounds like a ton of fun!

I gave a blessing this week to one of the Hermanas in my district. Awesome time.  It was cool to see all of us Elders stand in on it. Powerful.

Speaking of... I went proselyting this week. Ohhh mann.. Mom I’m so grateful for everything.  The city was called Las Delicias.  Maybe Chorillos.  Look it up or something on google maps.  Well.. maybe not. Straight ghetto.  They have nothing but trash, dogs, dirt roads, and HILLS. My companion for the day was Elder bailey from Payson.  He asked this girl what her name was and she said "para que" which means for what? And he asked her like 5 times. Finally, he just said "mucho gusto para que" which means nice to meet you for what.  hahah He thought that was her name.  I was laughing and laughing.  I met a boy named Nico and oh my word he was the cutest little boy I’ve ever seen. Every kid here in Peru is adorable.... and then they grow up......

On the bus ride there, we had gas on the floor. Like what? They use rocks to knock on the tin doors  and it smells like 3 things:  poop, smoke, or beer.  CHICKENS everywhere.  It made me sick to be there I was so sad for these people.  BUT, I got to give a blessing to one of the inactive members.  Holy cow I’ve never been directed by the spirit so strong in my whole life.  A testimony builder of personal revelation. 

All of the people call me gringo and laugh at me.  I don’t get offended though and all the girls holler at me telling me I’m beautiful and then want me to drink with them. I don’t know.. I don’t know.}

Yesterday I matched my companion completely.  Same shoes, belt, tie, color of suit - everything.  We all had a good laugh.  He didn’t think it was funny when everyone said wow you guys are matching today. hahaha

Everyone here is sick from something called Dengay.  I don’t feel great either.. they sent 2 kids home I think.  haha wash your hands, I know mom. I know.

The Latinos left last night and it was tough.  I literally almost cried.  We actually got very close. I can’t wait to send you the pics of them.  You’re gonna love it. We got some new elders though.  60 new Latinos!!! and like 15 Americans. Mostly Hermanas. 

Something funny.  Apparently I’m in this secret society here at the CCM.  It’s been passed down for 2 years and it’s called the tie society.  In all the pictures of the past districts, there’s always 1 person wearing a special tie and me and Beidleman got in because the older guys nominated us.  Now we have to perform a rap tonight. I don’t know. And then we get to call on 2 younger guys when were older.

For all the new kids, we tell them that they have to teach for 20 minutes on the following day that they arrive.  It’s funny watching them freak out but it’s a tradition here.  Also, we teach 20 minute lessons a day. wow. yeah I know.  One of the elders is acting like a Russian and another is acting gay. It’s pretty funny.

Well, that’s about it.  I’m having a great time here.  The spirit here is amazing and I wish I would’ve made this decision to come a long time ago.  I hope everything is well back at home, and I hope you guys aren't missing me too much :)

Love you guys, and you’re in my prayers every night.

Keep it real.
Exact obedience.

- Elder Harris 4

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