Called to Serve in the Peru Piura Mission

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Time to Leave the CCM


Oh man I loved all the emails! Sounds like you guys are having a ton of fun at home! I LOVED the pictures. Seriously, keep sending them! 

This week flew by . . . it feels like I just barely emailed you guys. Not much happened this week.. except that I really miss your food mom.  This rice every day, every meal is really getting to me. haha   Speaking of food, I found a hair in my eggs yesterday haha.  Also, we eat this fruit every day called Granada I think, look it up.. it looks like brains.

Pday was sick last week. We were on the bus and the bus drivers are crazy so he slammed on the brakes and everyone just kinda fell on the bus. haha.. yeah.. real personal with the Peruvians. The temple was amazing though.. like always.  Today was the last time I get to go for the next 2 years... kinda stinks but I’m ready to get to Piura.  We also bought some drinks. It’s called Tampico.  It’s 3 liters for 3 soles which is like a dollar. Everything is so cheap.

Also, my Spanish teacher added me on Instagram! Look for him, his name is Gabriel Davalos. Have fun :) haha  Another one of my teachers name is Hermana Coca. So I always call her Hermana Coca Cola so she thinks it’s funny to call me ¨Harris Potter.  Now all Latinos call me that too. haha But for real the teachers are awesome... they teach us a ton of Spanish and a ton of life lessons.  Yesterday, my companion Elder Ayala asked me the verb to shave cause he wanted to ask the teacher if he shaved his arms... so I told him it was afeitarse - which is correct. But the funny part is, I told him to say: Puedo afeitarse sus brosos? Which means.. can i shave your arms? Everyone in the district laughed and laughed. Ayala didn’t think it was too funny but were getting along fine.  We have our occasional arguments but we overall like each other.  We play a lot of jokes on him at night. Like we always put fruit in his bed.. it’s so funny to us because he gets so mad when he climbs into bed at night.   Speaking of Ayala... a couple days ago he was so tired that he literally fell out of the top bunk bed onto the ground. I was so worried I thought he broke his arm or something.. but he just moaned for a couple minutes and got up.  So we give him a hard time now.. I wish you guys could have seen it.

It rained here! well... mist.  It doesn’t rain here.  But it was glorious. We all went outside and danced in the rain.  The same night there was a party across the street so we all sat at the window and listened to the music and watched the party. Wishful thinking but we have a lot of parties here so it’s all good.  Like THe order of the Tie. Everyone raps and we have a good time. We dress up and get pimped out.  I’ll send pics later.

The zone leader stuff is killer. We have so much work but I’m happy doing it because more blessings right? We get to spend a lot of time with the Latinos and we got to teach them English a couple times this week and it was soo funny.  They’re so bad and their accents are hilarious but we’re supportive. I’m sure they say the same thing about us when we speak Spanish.  Speaking of Spanish, mine is getting better. It’s still frustrating but it’s coming.  Today at p day when we were in the city, we decided to do some contacting and we tried to talk to this guy but we didn’t know what he was saying so we just bore our testimonies.  At the end he said, “I just want my lunch”.  so..... yeah, I don’t know.

One of the Latinos in our room had a birthday yesterday. He turned 25 so we all rounded up some stuff and got him a birthday present. We got him 4 ties and some drinks and treats. He was SOOO PUMPED. Ahh it was soo good to see that. He has a crazy story... all the missionaries do. Even the Americans have crazy stories. I wish you guys could hear all of them. 

Anyways.. I’m doing great. Not much happened this week.  There’s nothing to worry about over here in Peru. My Spanish is coming and I just learned there’s 86 different ways to conjugate ¨"to be" sooooo yeah.

I’m getting nervous to go to Piura but I’m also so excited to get out of here. It just feels like school all day every day so I just want to get out and actually feel like I’m doing something.  I leave Tuesday morning at 4 am.  I might be able to call home so if I do, it should probably be around 5 am your time.  That’s because I have to drive to the airport and get through all the security.  So is that something you want to do? I know that it’s early so let me know. :)

If you’re sending me a package soon, I’d really appreciate some toothpaste. The stuff they have here sucks.  And deodorant. I still have some but it runs out quickly, and Tums and Advil and face wash. If you have some :) thanks mom.... love youuuu. Also, can you send the pic of my mission plaque when it’s done and my setting apart blessing. Thanks!

Whats new at home? What are all my homies doing? Keep me updated on everyone in the family and their lives. I want to hear about it because they never email me.

Also, because I’m flying out to Piura, I won’t have a p day next week so you won’t hear from me for 2 weeks. I hope that’s okay. Well... I guess you don’t have a choice.

Everything here is great, I’m loving my mission so much and I can’t believe I’ve already been out here for 5 weeks.  It feels like I barely left you guys.

I hope all is well at home.  I had a dream that McKenzie died so that was a nice reassurance when she didn’t.  Anyways.. miss you guys like crazy. Always praying for you.

I love you and I’ll talk to you in a couple weeks!

- Elder Harris 1111

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