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Monday, January 5, 2015

It's Getting Hot!


No need to worry about me, I’m feeling great! Who would’ve known taking those pills would’ve helped so much :) I should have just listened to you the first time :) When am I gonna learn.........

It sounds like you had a great week... we also had a bomb week :)  Last p-day was hilarious. So we had to help this old lady pick up some meat at the market in Talara for a ward party that we had. We sat in this meat section for like an hour.. and trust me when I say it’s NOTHING like the states. I about threw up... I’m serious.

I was lucky I didn’t.  I would’ve loved to see you and Kenz there. :)  We bought like 25 lbs of meat and it was horrible because I had to haul it back to our area. The meat is fresh too - so all the juices and blood kept splashing all over me.

On Tuesday we had our ward party....... trust me again when I say it’s NOTHING like the ward parties we have in Alpine. This was Authentic! :) Everyone was getting’ their boogy on and having a good time. I wanted to dance so bad but unfortunately I just had to watch from the sidelines. It didn’t matter if you were 80 years old or 5 years old, you were dancing. Ohhh and our president - NEVER in my life have I seen someone go so hard at a dance before. It was ridiculous :) 

There’s also some new people in our ward. They’e great, but their granddaughter is nuts. Her name is Maria and she’s like 8 and she’s ALWAYS trying to hold my hand. At first it was kinda cute, but now it’s just creepy.

New Years was DOPE! We made Tacos as a zone and they were the best dang tacos I’ve ever had. Oh and the best part...... Muñecos! Human size dolls that they burn!  And it’s not just every street or so... EVERYONE had one. They like tie them to posts and burn them like some satanic ritual or something.  Pretty cool.. I’ll send a pic :) 

Since a lot of the people here don’t have a lot of common sense, someone lit a firework off in a warehouse and little did they know... it started on fire!  It reminded me of the Alpine fire we had last year... it was HUGE! I thought it was a little interesting that the whole city only has 3 fireman. They recruited some of the citizens to help put out the fire. Like what?

Also, they weren’t kidding when they said Talara is number 1 in consuming alcohol city in Peru. EVERYONE was drunk. Every house had a party, I’m not kidding they love new years here. Parties are still going on... it’s nuts. 

I can’t believe it’s already 2015. Looking back, I believe 2014 was the best year of my life. I shared in my testimony yesterday – and talked about how it was the year that I truly gained a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I made some resolutions for this coming year but they’re a little personal so maybe I’ll share them another time :)

Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Campo from Ecuador. We helped Presidente Gutierez put a new roof on his house. It took us about 2 hours but we got it done. Just a little pay back for everything that he’s done for me. 

Sunday. well.. like I said, everyone was still partying so we had a whopping 2 people at 9 AM when church started. Yeah so that was great - a little discouraging

It’s starting to get HOT. I thought November and December was hot.. no.. not even close - and they say the worst is February. Because it’s so hot.. there’s A TON of mosquitos. They’re always in our room because we have to leave the window open so every morning I wake up with like 10 new bites.. but hey.. no biggie. :)

That’s about all. Everything is well. Martinez is leaving next Sunday so I should be getting my new companion by the time I write you next.  I’ll be sure to let you know what happens.   :)

I love you and miss you! Have a great week! 

- Elder Harris IV

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