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Monday, January 12, 2015

New Companion News


To be honest, our area is struggling. It feels like everyone that we are teaching right now just isn’t pulling through. It’s a little frustrating, but everything is possible with faith, right? :)  Oh and by the way, at 2 o clock, I’m studying Spanish :) Just in case you were wondering.

Yes, transfers were this week. My new companion is Elder Melo from Guayaqui,l Ecuador. He’s amazing! He was the Elder that I went on splits with the first day I was in the mission... who would have known we would be companions!   It was nice because we already knew each other.  :) I can tell that were going to work hard though... he’s not here to mess around.  I could not be more excited:) He’s a little older than me.... but hey. No biggie :) He’s 26!   We slept in the ZLs room last night again and everyone thought it was really funny that he was baptized when I was born. So yeah... 

There are about 6 Elders left in Talara. My old companion Elder Martinez is the new ZL in Paita, and my friend Elder Hanvey from AF got transferred to Talara so you bet I was happy to see him.   :) We had a lot of catching up today :) 4 of the 6 Elders that left Talara are now ZLs so yeah wow go Talara.

Also, I think I told you last week, but my camera screen broke.  I can’t see much - almost nothing. What do you think I should do? Also, 4 MONTHS!  I can’t believe I’ve been out here this long. It feels like I just left!

This week was great. Last p day we went to the beach of course.. but this one had a pier so we walked and sat on the edge and just enjoyed the view of the ocean for a while. :) We even saw sea turtles!   Hahaha!  So listen to this . . . there was this sand hill by the beach.. and we walked to the top and found this board so what do 8 - 19 year old boys do? SANDBOARDING! As you can tell, I miss snowboarding :) 

Thursday I went on exchanges with Elder Merrell from Pocatello. We worked hard, of course. They have some great investigators with some great questions in their area. For example, we asked this lady how her reading was going. She told us she had just finished 1 Nephi and she was excited to get to the part where God and Jesus Christ visit him in a grove of trees.  A little embarrassed, we kindly explained to her that Nephi and Joseph Smith were different people. Then to make things worse, in the closing prayer, she was like "thank you for sending me these Jehova Witnesses to teach me".... I was shocked. After the prayer, we explained to her that we were actually MORMONS.

Saturday was bomb. We had a dinner with some members but this dinner.. well... it was a little authentic :) We made a fire on the side of their house and cooked a chicken. It was something I had never done before, so of course I loved the adventure :) It’s a good thing I had so much practice making fires up the canyon! Haha!  I smelled like smoke for the rest of the night and I didn’t even care! ha!

That’s about all I did this week. We’re working hard, teaching hard and preaching the good word. 

I hope everything is great at home! I miss and love you guys!

- Elder Harris IV

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