Called to Serve in the Peru Piura Mission

Monday, January 26, 2015

Striving to be Exactly Obedient

This week in Peru, they started CARNIVAL.  Ohh man. It’s NUTS here. Basically, every street is filled with kids and water balloons, water guns, buckets of water, EVERYTHING. It literally looks like World War III. It goes until February 20 too. They say every day is the same and it’s actually pretty entertaining! haha

Last week for p day we went to the beach called Lobitos. We just enjoyed ourselves playing football and soccer.. I’m sure you guys are jealous that I get to go to the beach every week.. well, I guess every day. :)

Monday we talked to this guy named Dennis. He’s 22 and he’s deciding whether or not he wants to serve a mission and so were working with him a lot to enocurage him to serve... it was awesome cause Elder Melo shared his story how he’s the 1st missionary in his family to serve with the hope that his children will follow in his footsteps.. and it was a perfect opportunity for me to jump in and say that I’m the 5th generation missionary in my family line. It was amazing to see Dennis eyes light up when he realized that it is possible.

Wednesday, Elder Melo went to Piura for a district leader meeting so I went with Elder Merrell (Pocatello). The funniest thing happened.. so we were out working and we knocked on this door and the lady was like hi, good afternoon. Elder Merrell just stood there.. literally like 8 seconds. Then finally looked at me and was just like "let’s go" in English. I asked him what happened and he told me he.. "froze". He didn’t know what to say so we just left her standing at the door. But just wait, the story gets better. so like 15 minutes later were talking to this guy on the street and I don’t know why but Elder Merrell starts telling the story of what had just recently happened.. and at the end of the story, he was trying to say "I was so embarrassed"! but he said "yo estoy tan emberasado" which actually means “IM SO PREGNANT”! hahahaha! I seriously could not hold it in.. I just busted out laughing.. don’t worry, I felt bad after.

Thursday we watched the Testaments with a less active member, Alfredo. At the end of the film, when Christ comes to the Americas and heals the man’s eyes, I looked over at Alfredo and I watched tears run down his cheek. After the movie, he told us that he knew that this was true and that he knew that Christ lives. It was beautiful. 

Friday, a recent convert Maria Riofrio gave us some food. I didn’t recognize the meat, but it was suprisingly really good. Something I had never eaten before. After I finished, I asked her what it was. She told us it was conejo -- aka BUNNY. Like what???  What makes it worse, is that she has 20 bunnies hopping around her house as pets. She invited us back another time to eat some more... we accepted :)

Sunday.. well a pipe or something broke in the church and so when we showed up.. it was flooded. We ALWAYS have problems in that building, my word. Anyways we rolled up our sleeves and went to work as fast as we could before everyone arrived. It turned out... well... we still had the meeting so count it as a plus :) We also had 50 people show up to church this week. I’m serious, people just kept on flooding in.. hahaha flooded. :)

That’s about all I did this week. We’re working hard over here, striving to be exactly obedient :) I’m glad you guys had a great week too.. . 

I love and miss you guys! 

- Elder Harris

PS - 3 weeks until CODY!!!!

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