Called to Serve in the Peru Piura Mission

Monday, February 2, 2015

Interviews, Service Projects & Fasting


We played carnival as a zone this last week for our pday. Yes.. we filled up 500 water balloons and just went nuts :)

Wednesday we had interviews with President Rowley.  Things went fine.. just the normal catching up:) He’s seriously such a good guy, such a good example.  I really wish you guys could know him. Anyways.. we talked a lot about finding new investigators in the interview, por medio de contacting in the streets.

SOO Thursday I had an exchange with Elder Chapman…and we contacted 77 people on the streets!  I’m tellin ya.. we’re breakin RECORDS here. We made a promise with God before we left in the morning to help us find 75 people...and well, we did it :) 

Earlier in the morning, we had a service. We had to prune this lady’s trees..when we were finished, she asked us if we wanted to bag the sticks, or burn them. Hahaha!  Before she could even finish her sentence we both shouted BURN THEM! haha :) After she wanted us to "re-cement" her house.. like I don’t know who trusts 2, 18 year old boys to cement a house. Neither of us had a clue what to do, but we went for it and hey, turned out pretty good :) So hey if anyone needs some cement work, hit me up.

As a reward, she made us lunch. She cooked a chicken over the fire we had just made and well... let’s just say it wasn’t all.  Yes, I’ve had diariah for the past week.  BUT, we worked harder than ever, like I said, 77 contacts in one day was exhausting, but never in my life have I felt more close to my Savior.  We were talking, and I said it was almost like we were touching.  Such an amazing experience.

Friday we had a comp inventory. Elder Melo was telling me that he’s never felt more obedient on his mission before. It made me feel good.. at least were doing something right :) We had an activity that night..just about invited every person in Negritos.. and well. we had a great turnout.  2 people showed up.  0 members and president and his family showed up 2 hours late. Welcome to Talara.:)

To be honest though; it was a horrible feeling: almost like all my motivation was drained: I went home and just went to bed.

Saturday we started our fast after lunch.  We were fasting that we would find some new investigators.  AND, the next day at church, we saw 2 women we didn’t recognize, and after Sacrament they came up to us.  1 was a member from Lima and the other was her sister that lived in Negritos. The sister, Flor, told us that she would love it if we stopped by her house so she could learn a little more about the church.  Elder Melo and I were shocked.,. but pumped! We have an appointment with her this Wednesday.. stay tuned.

A hermana in our branch got her mission call this week.  She’s the only member in her family, so I can imagine how hard of a decision it was for her.  She’s going to La Paz, Bolivia and were super pumped for her. The reason I’m telling you this is because when she was speaking, she started  crying and just said "I wish my family could have been here to hear me present my mission call".  It about broke my heart... so for that, once again,I know you’ve heard it a thousand times..but THANK YOU for all the love and support back home.. writing me every week. You’re truly the best family in the world!  

les extra├▒o y les amo!}

- Elder Harris

PS: T-minus 10 days until Cody!!!!!!!

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