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Monday, February 9, 2015

5 Months Today


If you guys didn’t know, today marks the day that I’ve been out for 5 months.  I can’t believe it, I never thought this day would come.  I’ve already learned and grown so much in these past couple months, I’m excited for what’s to come.

Last week for p day, went to the beach :) no surprise there and played some soccer, and just enjoyed it :) After we went to this restaurant and they gave us..well.. in fact, I don’t know what it was. like tiny fried octopus.  Ahh speaking of weird food, this week.. I ate STINGRAY!  Like I didn’t even know you could eat that stuff. 

Overall though, it was a little slow this week. We had 16 appointments fall IN A ROW. ha  So we have been working with this list of less active members that we have.. and on Wednesday, we knocked on the door of 4 of them, ALL of them were dead? like... what? Dead.

BUT, we do have a goal as a zone to talk to 1200 people this week, and in 3 days, we have 462, so were working hard with that :)  In that same zone meeting, Elder Chapman said something that I figured Ii would share with you guys.  He said "perhaps unhappiness comes from sacrificing what we are working towards for what we want in the moment".  Go ahead, take it or leave it. :)

Ahh.. so listen to this,  it’s funny. This lady we teach lives in the boonies, right? And we gotta walk through like a 500 year old cemetery and we found this casket. An open casket.   Elder Melo and Harol were like "DUDEEE get in! it would be such a funny picture!".. and of course, my teenage Braeden kicked in and I was like yahhh you’re right! That would be a funny picture! I was just about to do it but then your voice came in to my head and said BRAEDEN! Don’t worry, I didn’t do it :) You’re welcome, mom :)

Things are great here.  My companion and I are getting along great. Transfers are in 2 weeks and I’m getting a little sad because I think I might be heading out and I don’t want to leave Negritos.  I love the people so much.. I truly consider them family.  

My Spanish is great. . .better every day :) Ah this is funny. so this girl wanted her practice her English with me... so she started talking to me and I didn’t even realize it until like 40 seconds of talking. haha It’s like my brain can’t even decipher what language it is, but I know I understand it. 

Anyways.. that’s about all. I hope everything goes great with the family this week.  I’ll definitely be thinking about you guys.  Just don’t forget about me :)

Have a great week.. give Cody a big ol kiss for me! 
love you guys, miss you!

- Elder Harris

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