Called to Serve in the Peru Piura Mission

Monday, February 23, 2015


I got transferred.  I’m in a city called Sullana.  I’m in a little bit of the outskirts of  Bellavista.  It’s awesome, I love it here.  It’s very different from Talara... very different. IT’S HOT! They told me it’s the hottest part of the mission.  My new companion is Elder Soto from Tuaqucawapa Honduras.  We only have a couple hours together but were already good buddies. I know that this is going be a good transfer :)

As for our room... oh man. Well... a little worse than the other. Unfortunely, I don’t have pics.. but I’ll send some next week :) As for the area, I’m super pumped to work here. My good buddy Elder Beidleman came with me this morning to Sullana so I’m super excited about that.

As for this week.. we had a good one :)

We worked hard as usual.. not much happened.  On Wednesday night, I started feeling a little sick though. The next morning I started feeling in but Elder Melo and I decided to get going and leave for the afternoon.  Haha.  We were sick as dogs but we were trucking through making the most of it.  It was HOT and we didn’t have any success that day.. which made it a little longer.. but a good experience :)   When we got home, I was about to die I was so sick. I took a shower and went to bed. That night might of been the longest night of my life.  Usually our room is like 100 degrees, but I was so cold and I had like 3 blankets. I remember waking up and I had no idea where I was.. throwing up all night.. ahh it was horrible. 

Saturday was fun.  We had this service for this hermana.. basically we do work in her "yard", and then we get the reward of burning it. I don’t know if you’ve seen Cast Away but when he makes the fire he’s like jumping around the sand.. yeah that was us.  

That night, we received the news about our transfers. The next day at church, I gave my "farewell".  Seriously they asked me to speak at least 7 different times throughout the day.  After, I visited the families that I was the closest to... wow.  It was hard. I now understand what dad was talking about when he said it’s harder to leave your first area than it is to leave for your mission.  I truly love those people and consider them my family.  

One family bought me a great big chocolate cake... ahh it was amazing :) We had a great big party and then I was on my way.. we slept in a different Elders room last night because I had to leave Talara at 5 AM.  We took the 2 hour bus ride to Piura and then I got on another bus with the other Elders going to Sullana.. Elder Beidleman, Campo, and Eddington.  It’s about an hour and 15 minutes north of Piura.  I just barely got here so I don’t know much else... but I’m excited about this transfer. I’m going work :) I won’t let you guys down!

But for real, I’m glad you guys had a great week.  The pics are awesome, keep enjoyin’ it!

- Elder Harris

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