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Monday, March 2, 2015

They Call me Colorado

Yeah pues que tal familia:) 

This week was awesome.  My first week in my new area of Sullana :) The area is definitely more poor than Negritos.  The majority of the "roads" are THICK dirt.  The houses are like adobes. Haha! They’re literally made of sticks and hard mud.  Not kidding, I could kick over the houses.  They all  have tin roofs and look like they were just recently hit by hurricane Katrina.  Definitely humbling.

Speaking of houses, I’ll tell ya a little bit about mine.  It’s great.. better than the other houses in the area.  Although, we don’t have a roof on half of our house.  Fortunately, where we sleep and study has a roof. :)   Where we "shower" and that stuff, yeah we don’t have a roof.  Where I’m at, the water is only turned on from 4 PM to 8 PM and those just happen to be the hours we are working... so every day we have to return to our room and fill up 2 buckets that are supposed to last us for the coming day.  Those 2 buckets of water are used for all of our water necessities including showers, flushing the toilet, dishes, brushing our teeth, etc.  It’s tough.... very tough.  But on the bright side, I’m becoming a pro at washing myself with the littlest amount of water possible :) I think I could do it with less than a gallon now :) TOMA MUNDO!

Sullana is HOT! HOT HOT HOT.  The worst part is that there’s no escape from it.  It’s not like we can‘return to our room and take a shower or splash some water on our face cause we ain’t got no dang water!  We’re just truckin through one day at a time :)

As for the people, oh I love them.  They make it worth it.  They are BY FAR the most humble people I know. They are so much more accepting of hearing the Gospel.  This week we found 9 new investigators. LIKE WHAT?!?  That’s unheard of.  

Our pensionista is BOMB.  She makes the best food... she’s the wife of the bishop here.  Yes, we have a bishop here.  We actually have a WARD.  That’s because there are 4 missionaries in Bellavista.  The other elders have a nicer part of the city, and well... Elder Soto and I have the outskirts.

Elder Soto and I are doing awesome.  He’s from Honduras and all of his family are members and they’re super supportive.  He’s very easy going, and very humble.  We are already good buddies.  The best part is that his parents sent him to English school when we was young, so guess what? HE SPEAKS FLUENT ENGLISH! Haha!  So when we talk, he speaks in English and I speak in Spanish... and yes, everyone looks at us very weird :) 

Speaking of English, I teach an English class here in Bellavista.  A class of about 20 people... it’s so fun :)  All these little kids sit in with their notebooks and pencils.  Ahh I wish you could see it.  The street we teach on his called Jorge Chavez  and it’s like famous for little kids so whenever we walk down that street the little kids come running to us and give us big hugs.. I feel like I’m famous.

We have an investigator named Carolay that is supposed to be baptized the 28th of March so keep your fingers crossed.  She owns a bakery and she always gives us bread and fruit. There’s this fruit she always gives us called Guba.  haha  It’s like a HUGE pea and you break it open and inside is like a cotton material.  We eat it and I like it :) 

All the people here call me "Colorado" aka Colored boy.  Which is ironic because I’m white.  They also call me Harry Potter... I’m sure Cody got some of that too.. they think that it’s hilarious.  But for real, I love them already.   We are working so hard here... I feel like I never have time to relax and I’M TIRED ALL THE TIME.  But I feel amazing.  I’ve never felt better in my life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Thanks for everything. All the support and love. 

Alright, smell ya

- Elder Harris

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