Called to Serve in the Peru Piura Mission

Monday, March 16, 2015



This week was... harder than usual. We didn’t have much success at all. We worked hard though. 

Tuesday was hilarious. my hair was getting a little long so Elder Soto offered to cut it... all we had were little kid scissors but I said what the heck and he cut it.  It doesn’t look good at all but I’m a missionary so YOLO. 

Wednesday Elder Soto went to Piura so I got to be on a split with Elder Beidleman and Elder Walker from Herriman. We were in my area and... well quite the interesting day.  This Elder Walker is a big guy, and when we picked him up we were returning to Bellavista and you have to go up this hill and the moto we were in couldn’t get up this hill. We all got out and started pushing.. people are yelling .  . .  it was so funny. 

Thursday I went on splits with Elder Llanos from Lima in his area, Cerro Mocho.  It’s about 30 minutes away from Sullana and the drive is AMAZING. So pretty. So green and tons of tiny villages and palm trees EVERYWHERE.  Miles and miles of rice fields... and its super cool how they grow it. They like drown the fields in water and the rice just grows.  Coconut trees, banana trees, guava plants. 

Friday morning when we ended the intercambio, Elder Soto lost the key to our room.... we didn’t know what to do because there’s no spare.  We finally got a neighbor named Jesus to get us in.. when we walked in, I was expecting to have some water... but the water got shut off some how so basically for the next 3 days we had no water.  Zip zero NADA.  Seriously it was the worst it’s ever been.  Not only did we not shower, flush the toilet, we didn’t even have water to wash our hands... brush our teeth... ahh it was longggggg.  soo dirty.

It’s such a different world here... I wish you guys could see it.  In the US everyone has houses and cars and boats and all this crap and here the people are just praying to have water... to have electricity... to have food on the table for their kids. Like I always say - so humbling. 

Sunday was great.. both of our investigators with a baptismal date attended church.  Michel and Teresa.  We were super happy about that, so pray for them that they can continue progressing. 
So seriously that was about my whole week... we worked and worked and walked and walked and sweated all week. it was hot this week too.. got up to 43 degrees celsius which is like 110 degrees farenheit. But don’t worry, I never stopped smiling. :)

I learned a lot this week... when we truly understand the Atonement of Christ, that is when we will truly live the Gospel.  That’s been in my head all week, and I just love it. So this coming week, I’m going study that like crazy.  

I hope you guys have  a great week... love ya tons! 

- Elder Harris

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