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Monday, March 9, 2015

6 Months!


I can’t believe it has already been 6 months. It feels like just yesterday I left the airport.  This week was great... Elder Soto and I are just about best buds. We literally are talking 24/7.  We are working HARD too.  Last week we got talking and we set a goal that we wanted to BLEED! I don’t know if we meant literally or hypothetically but were just about there.

Tuesday morning was hilarious. We get this knock on our door when were studying right? Like what?  No one ever knocks on our door. Guess who?  Jehova Witnesses! ahh I wish you could have seen their faces when we opened it. We were very nice and we even gave them a Liahona to read. :) 

All week we’ve been sharing messages with the members about Alma and Amulek. I dont know if you remember the story, but they were missionaries together and their message was much more powerful because they had more than one witness (Alma 10:12) we set goals and were looking to really get them involved.

We are helping 2 boys in our ward start their papers to serve a mission. Edder and Juan. PS Juan has a pet squirrel -  like what?

Wednesday was Amazing. We invited Teresa Castillo to be baptized and she said yes. It was a very powerful spirit, something I never want to forget. The only problem is we set the date for April 4th. We forgot that was Conference Weekend. stupid stupid stupid. 

Thursday we taught a Carlos and Yesenia.  They are super awesome the only problem they literally live in another country. Not kidding, THE BOONIES! We literally have to walk an hour in the Sahara desert to find this village of theirs. Yeah pues.  Anyways in this village, no one has power or water. People walk to the city of Sullana and carry buckets of water on their back to their houses every morning. Very humbling. 

Friday night, we had an activity in our ward. We had lot of people show up.  There are 4 missionaries in our ward so all of us had to come up with our own game. I’ll just say my game consisted of eggs, sugar, and a lot of laughter. I’ll leave it at that :) We had a good time :)

So here in Sullana, every Saturday and Sunday we eat with members. It’s so humbling because they don’t have a lot of food and they literally give almost all of it to us. It makes us feel bad but here in this culture it’s very rude to not accept their food.  We do it and just express our gratitude.

Saturday Night was something I’ll never forget. Hitalo Garcia is a less active member we are working with. We had a powerful lesson and after he said the prayer. In this prayer he says "thank you for sending me these Elders, this night has truly changed my life".  The next morning, he was in a white shirt and tie sitting on the front row at church :) Amazingly Beautiful.

Our ward is amazing. The people here truly treat me like their family... church was great. 7 of the people were teaching showed up to church. I love Sullana, I’m serious. The only problem is the sun. Oh man I feel like its magnified by 10 fold. It’s so stinkin’ hot here.  I don’t think I’ve stopped sweating since I got here.  But  I love it... love being here. 
thanks for the love and support.

I love and miss you all –
Elder Harris

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