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Monday, June 8, 2015

Birthday Tradition in Peru


This week was great. Last Monday we had a party for Elder Clawson here in the office.. it’s dope, the tradition here in Peru is that you smash eggs and flour on their heads.. it’s funny :) Monday night, I spent the night in the Hospital with Elder Yujra... we had a party :) haha!  But he’s doing really well now... they let him out on Wednesday and he’s up and walking normal now. BUT, I did learn some things at the hospital.  Remember how I told you that the mosquitos are really bad here?  So they’re now carrying 2 super bad diseases. The first one is called Dengue and the second is worse.. it’s called Chikungunya. A lot of the missionaries have been getting sick lately.. especially in Tumbes.

Tuesday I got to go on splits with a good friend of mine in the mission.. Elder Smith from California.  We were talking about the Atonement of Christ and he said something quite interesting… that maybe the sin isn’t that important to God.. because His Son already paid for them.. but what’s important is that we use the atonement to come closer to Him.

Tuesday night we got pizza... GLORIOUS

Wednesday was just peachy as well :) We had a lesson with Hermana Franchesca about repentance. We talked about Enos and how he gave everything he had into his prayer, and then he was forgiven and how we should follow his example.

Thursday we had a zone meeting.  It turns out there’s 4 people in my zone that were with me in the CCM.  It was super good to see them all again.  Elder Haws, Hogge, McCelwain, and Hermana Shumway. Later in the day we helped the family Gomez redecorate a room... we got lasagna after oh yeah..  win win plus plus!  ANYWAYS... we were walking home from this service activity and I see a lemon on the road so did what any 18 year old boy would do... I kicked it. Hard. It bounced for a while... the wind must of blew it or something cause it hit the bumper of a car and the alarm went off... haha!   We just kept walking like nothing happened.   Stupid.  Stupìd.  Stupid.

Friday was dope.  I went on splits with Ledwey Lengua.. I dont know if I told you about him but he served with Cody in Resistencia.. It was so fun talking to him about the mission and what he remembered about Cody.  He told me that he was always super energized and had such a strong desire to work.  It made me a little trunky. I miss him.

Saturday we started our fast.  We fasted for a family of investigators that were teaching.  I think I’ve told you about them before.  We fasted that they would have a desire to get married, and then get baptized.  Stay tuned.  Yesterday, Sunday was great.  I always love fast Sundays in Peru... very different than in the Utah :) Haha!  But it was good.  I had the opportunity to share my testimony with the ward.  I had been thinking a ton about the Atonement so i talked a little bit about that.  The spirit was strong.

Yeah so check this out... so there’s a large number of people here that speak Quechua, right? It’s like the native indigenous Incan language.. So now that my Spanish is better  I’m picking up a little Quechua. :)  Tucui sonjoy warmi.  wasiiki munay.  yaku nini apu.

Love you guys... hope you have a great week :) les extraño! :)

- Elder Harris

¿quiere que le digo la verdad? -Elder Nosa

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