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Monday, June 29, 2015

A Trip to the Mountains


Great week, like always. Last P day, we woke up at 4 30 and took a bus ride for 2 hours into the mountains of Peru... we got to a little city called MorropĆ³n.  Beautiful! The mountains were super green, and super pointy.  We took a moto deeper into them mountains about 20 minutes and it was dope cause we got to ride off the back... anything goes here in Peru and I love it! We took about a 2 hour hike deeper into the mountains up to this waterfall called las Cataratas.  Oh my word it was breathtaking. Super pretty.. it made me think of horsetail falls and made me a little trunky but hey we enjoyed it :)  We came back, enjoyed some prime duck and rice and got back on the bus :) Seriously, one of my favorite Pdays.

Tuesday was great.  We set a baptismal date for one of our investigators Oscar for July 27th - 2 days before the birthday so I hope it turns out well. :) 

Wednesday was amazing. We had a lesson with the family and we talked about the Plan of Salvation... they had a ton of questions specifically the grades of glory, and the Celestial Kingdom.  I opened my heart and bore a real personal testimony that the only reason that I was here is so that people here in Piura have the opportunity to live with God in the Celestial Kingdom.... as a family... Forever.  The spirit really hit hard, it was really pretty.

Thursday we got to see the transfers a little early cause were secretaries YOLO.  Elder Nosa and I are staying another transfer together... We weren’t super surprised, we kinda figured we would stay here.  I’m happy about it - Elder Nosa and I get along fine.  Haha. I truly have been blessed with companions in the mission.. I’ve never had a companion that’s a stinker. Except for Elder Soto (just cause he’s reading everything I’m writing) :) It turns out that he’s the new assistant.  I was super happy about that, cause I’m going be able to see him a lot more

Friday I got some great news... My friend, Harol, in Negritos that came with us to appointments every day recently sent in his mission papers! It’s a super big deal for me, cause we talked about it so much and he was always super iffy... super cool as well.  I got to see him this morning when we were helping out with transfers.. he was going to go on splits with a missionary for today so I got to see him. But the best part about the whole thing, is that his dad is going to get baptized.  I don’t know if you remember me telling you about this but when we were trying to teach his dad, he didn’t want ANYTHING to do with us and now he’s getting baptized!  My testimony is so strong that Christ changes people. I have seen SO MANY people here in the mission that do a full 180 degree change.
Later in the night, we had dinner with Hermano Hernandez. i don’t think I’ve talked about him but he seriously is an example to the world.  I loved what he said "what’s the point of keeping everything I have for myself? I want to share everything I have with everyone!" 
People are amazing...

Thanks for everything.. .thanks for the package that you just sent. Love you guys.. have a great week...

-Elder Harris

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