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Monday, August 24, 2015

Moving to High Ground

This week was great.  Last Monday we went to Catacaos for PDay. I don’t know if you remember me telling you about it but it’s the city of art... I always love going there to see all the hand made things, but let me tell you that some of it is ridiculously inappropriate. Haha!

Later in the night, a new missionary was having some troubles getting used to the "mission life" in a "peruvian culture" and the "spanish language" and "living with a latin" and just about everything else that a missionary feels as they enter the field.  Anyways, he asked if we would give him a blessing and of course we were happy to do it :)  We talked and I think he’s doing a little better... haha!  I mean, I can relate :)

Tuesday Elder Hamblin left.  Remember I told you that a missionary was going be with us for a little while.. yeah he was with us for like 5 days and left sooo yeah it was fun while it lasted :)

Wednesday after working in the office we were walking down the street and we saw the Garcia Tipismana family packing up as if they were moving. oh my word, my heart about dropped because I know that they have talked so much about moving back to Ica in Southern Peru.  They were born there).  Anyways, as we stopped by to see them, they informed us that they were only moving up the street to higher ground because "El Niño" is apparently coming this year and EVERYONE and their dog is freaking out.  I guess it comes every 15 years and it’s like a massive rain storm that lasts for months that destroys everything... so... really hoping that it doesn’t happen in my time here.

Thursday I had a work visit with my good buddy, Elder Soto.  It was fun, pretty sure we stayed up till like 3 AM talking. haha :) We had a district meeting the next day, and the topic was focused on a talk from Elder Bednar, because he’s coming FRIDAY!!!! Ahh can you believe it!?! Seriously, I’m so excited :) Anyways, the topic was "asking in faith" that we must ask in faith, act in faith, and then act in the way He wants.  It reminded me a lot of Bishop Collins favorite quote that has always stuck with me "learn what it takes to align your mind and will with that of the Lord".  The work visit went well though... it brought back a lot of memories from Sullana :)

Friday we found an awesome investigator named Julio.  We taught him and his friend, Policarpio the Restoration and it was powerful.  It’s crazy how many times I’ve taught that lesson in the past 11 months but this one felt special... it was different. I guess knocking doors every day for 2 hours really isn’t that bad of an idea :) haha! It was tough this week, but hey we made it work :)

Anyways, not much has been happening - just working and finding as many people as we can.  All of our investigators are doing great and are still progressing, it just seems as if every single one of them has one tiny problem and if they could just fix it they would be ready for baptism.  Not kidding, the Garcia Tipismana family has attended church for the past 9 weeks... they have all the lessons, they just aren’t married. They have plans, but because of some personal family problems, the wife just isn’t on board yet.  So if you and the family could pray for them, that would be great.  
Let me know if I can do anything for you guys :)

I miss you guys, and love you!

Have a great week, and enjoy Lake Powell :)

-Elder Harris

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