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Monday, September 14, 2015

1 Year Down, 1 Year to Go


This week was great.  Haha! Not kidding it was like a party all week long. :)

First off, I got a new companion! :)  His name is Elder Paredes and he’s from Asunción, Paraguay. So for right now we are in a trio.  Elder Nosa is gonna be with us for another couple days and then he’s leaving.  I can’t believe that were splitting paths after 3 transfers... 4 1/2 months.  To be honest, it’s going be weird to have a different companion.  But we love having Elder Paredes with us... he seriously is so funny.  :)

Tuesday, President and Hermana Rasmussen´s son and daughter-in-law flew down to Piura to see us... they were SUPERR cool and we had a good time chatting. :)

Wednesday was the big day.  1 year.  I can’t believe it.  1 year ago I left my family, my friends, college, work, my COUNTRY, and took a leap of faith.  I have served in Talara, Sullana, and Piura.  The past year has been the hardest, most exhausting, most devastating time of my life.  But I would start over again tomorrow if I could.  :) I have never been so happy :)  I have learned so much about the world, but more than anything, about myself and who I really want to be.  My testimony is being built upon the rock of Christ... He lives and I know it’s true.

For our 1 year party, Elder Edwards (also completed 1 year) and I bought a tres leches cake and shared it with everyone in the office. After, we got up on the roof of the office and did our burning ritual :)  I took the shirt that was already ripped and wrote 1 year on it and burned it :) 1 year down, 1 year to go.  WOW. 

Later in the night we had a lesson with Hermana Teresa.  She is Not doing well at all.  They have absolutely 0 money.  They didn’t eat lunch because there was no food in the house.  We tried to explain to her that she could talk to the bishop about the "fast" money. Anyways, we had a great lesson with her and as we were leaving, she gave us a piece of bread.  Although it was such a small offering, it was all she had, and it meant the world to us.  I feel like this is what happens with us and the Savior all the time... times in our lives, we may believe that we have almost nothing to offer... but the amount isn´t whats important.  It amazes me every day.  These are the types of people that I’m surrounded with every day.  They would give everything if they could. Truly, truly an amazing people. I love them so much.

Thursday we had interviews with President Rasmussen.  It wasn’t anything super special because I see him every day but we had a good time chatting it up :)

We had a lesson with Hermana Raquel as well... like I’ve explained, she and her family are passing through some problems and something she said I would like to share with you guys.. "Nothing brings me more comfort than the Book of Mormon" it was such a simple phrase but it is absolutely true.  Why is the Book of Mormon not our first fount of comfort?

Friday was Elder Nosa´s birthday :)  We played soccer in the morning and when we got done, of course we smashed like 6 or 7 eggs on his head. :) Later in the day we bought pizza and as we were taking a "group pic".  I actually put the camera on record ANDDD as we finished singing happy birthday we grabbed him, wrapped him to his chair with whatever we could find.. duct tape, saran wrap, ties, and smashed another like 15 eggs on his head. :) It was super fun! :)

Sunday was chill. It was stake conference :)  Nothing much happened but I made pancakes for my comps... I always try and do something for them every day. :)

Things here are great. :) Everyone is still freaking out about "EL NIÑO".  I guess it’s coming in November or December.  Everyone is getting prepared for it by stashing food, and everything else they can find.  The kids now even have school on Saturdays to end school faster.  Also, were going to have a meeting / presentation as a mission to have an escape plan ready and things like that.  I guess there’s a 95% chance that it’s going to hit.  Always ready,  LESSGOOOOO!

haha love you guys, miss you!!

-Elder Harris

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