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Monday, September 28, 2015

A Fish with Eyes

This week was super awesome.  On Monday we went to Chili’s and who doesn’t love Chili’s? Later that day we found a new investigator named Ana Cabrejo.  She’s super cool and super nice, even invited us to drink some of her soy milk so . . . booyah!

Tuesday we picked up the new missionaries from the airport . . . so many of them . . . 30!   They’re really great though. I’ve gotten the chance to get to know a few of them, and they’re super excited to be here although their Spanish could use a little work :) haha!  I asked one of the new kids in Spanish, "de donde es usted?" (where are you from?) He got super nervous and was like "uhhh... uhh..... estoy bien" (I’m good). :)  I felt bad for the kid but in time... haha... in time :) Anyways we gave some presentations and ate ahi de gallina so it was a good day.  :)

Wednesday we had some more presentations.  We took some pics, ate pizza, and enjoyed it. :) We got back to the office and were busy trying to get everything done, but a less active member called us asking for help so we dropped everything and went and helped her.  :)   And of course, we were happy to do it. :)

We had a great lesson with the Garcia Tipismana family. We were super direct with them . . . (they’re the family that just won’t get married).  Anyways, its kind of a mess but were still pushing forward.  We had a great lesson with them, my companion said it was one of the strongest lessons he’s ever had. 

Friday we worked hard but we didn’t have much success all day.  The night was closing out, but we decided to knock one more door and as we knocked it, sure enough, a sister named Maricarmen opened it and let us in.  We taught her and her son the Restoration and it was great.  As we were wrapping things up, I saw a cake on the table and asked if it was someone’s birthday (take note, first mistake).  She replied yes, that it was her daughters 20th birthday and invited us to stay for cake.  In this culture, you’re not allowed to say no to anything, so of course, we accepted.
And it all went downhill from there.....

Not kidding, right as we said yes we´ll stay, her 20 year old daughter comes out of the bathroom with just a towel on... and comes over to say hi to us.  She recognized that we were feeling quite uncomfortable so she went into her room to change.  While she was changing, we heard loud noises outside and a bang on the door. It was a huge group of her college friends and turns on some music.  They break out the wine, and as guests, asked us to open it! Haha!  I for one had not the slightest idea how to get a cork off a wine bottle but apparently my companion was an expert. He grabs the bottle and I punch him in the shoulder - like DUUDDEE we don’t drink! Haha!  Obviously by his facial expression this statement seemed foreign to him, wine goes everywhere and people are laughing.  They were singing happy birthday, making toasts, and taking pics with some girl we don’t even know.  It was terrible... we snarffed down the cake as fast as we could and we were out of there. 

Quite uncomfortable.

Saturday was great.  We started our fast because general conference is next week (ps – I’m so excited) anyways, I fasted that Elder Paredes and I can have success here this transfer.  
Later we had a lesson with the Carhuapoma Troncos family.  They’re amazing... prepared by the Lord.  In 2 weeks they’ve read 18 chapters in the Book of Mormon.  We invited them to be baptized on the 24th of October.  I wish you guys could’ve been there when we invited her, her face lit up like the 4th of July.  She was so happy.  She and her daughter Ingrid accepted.  We invited them to church and of course they were thrilled.

On Sunday when we picked them up for church they were completely ready to go at 8 30.. just like we planned :)  It was great and I don’t think they stopped smiling the whole 3 hours. :)  We talked a lot about the priesthood and usually when we are called on to us it, it’s unexpected.  Which is why I must always be worthy morally in my thoughts and actions. Perfectly obedient -  "nothing is difficult when it’s worth it".

We ate lunch with Eduardo Garcia and his family... it was great...... we ate fish with face. Not a fan.  I even ate the eye ball. 

Anyways, Elder Paredes and I are great. He’s already taught me a lot... that it all depends on the attitude.

Love you guys, hope you have a great week.

-Elder Harris

PS - yes, I saw the red moon last night :) Maybe we aren’t as far as I thought we were :)

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