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Monday, October 19, 2015



Hey so this week was pretty great. 

Last Monday we went to Paita :)  It’s a city about an hour from Piura... a port city aka BEACHES. :)  It was so fun, we went to this beach called "El Arco".  It was really pretty and we enjoyed climbing around the rocks and not getting in the water porque somos RULESSSS.  We balled it up and even played some American football because that shirts unheard of here. 

Tuesday was dope. We had an appointment with our new investigator Juan Carlos... we started the lesson real quick so he wouldn’t get on another rambling spree about oil.  We talked about baptism and the importance of this covenant.  As soon as we said that, his wife got super interested and started asking us all sorts of questions about "our baptism" cause they believe in "cautivo".  Oh my word... cautivo.  I don’t know if I am capable of explaining this through email so you’re gonna have to wait until I get home. Trust me... I won’t forget.  He’s huge :)  Basically, it’s black Jesus.  ANYWAYS, they are understanding more and more and hopefully this week we can put a baptismal date for them. :)

Wednesday my replacement Elder Wilde got here. I tried keeping it slow for the 1st day because I remember my first day - my brain was about to explode. :)  He’s really cool and really smart so I’m sure he´ll catch on just fine. :)  

Thursday I went on divisions with an Elder from Ica, Peru.  His name is Elder Ramos and he’s pretty cool.  He loves animation and cartoons so we had a good time talking about that :) 

Friday we had a multi zone meeting.  Our zone (Algarrobos) was mixed with Paita.  IT WAS SOOO LONG.  It started at 8:30 in the morning and didn’t get over until 4:30 PM.   On the bright side, I learned a lot about teaching skills and techniques. :)  It was probably super long because whenever missionaries go home, they give a final testimony and there was like 9 people that spoke. We got to hear from some of my good buddies and it made me really sad knowing that they’re going home soon and odds are that I won’t ever see them again.  Elder Soto..... Elder Nuñez, Ipanaque, Mendoza. ...... I can’t believe they’re going home....

Saturday was great.  So I’ll tell you what happened with sister Moran. Her husband is the bishop in a ward here called Angamos. The other secretaries in the office attend that ward and so that family invited us over for breakfast but we didn’t even know them.  They live here around the office so that means they have money :) They made us eggs, tamales, and bread :) We sang happy birthday to Bishop Silva and we had some chocolate cake...... for breakfast :)  They’re a great family though.. you can definitely feel the spirit when you enter their house thanks to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When we got done for the day, I went on more divisions with Elder Edwards.  It was sick, we met a black guy from Washington DC that SPOKE ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh my word that is like the second time in my mission where I’ve found someone from the states here :)  I guess he married some girl from Piura and they come down here to visit every once in a while. :)  He made us an AMERICAN ham and cheese sandwich . . .  we were so happy. :) 

Sunday was the primary program. Those kids were so dang cute . . . I can’t wait until I have a little dumpling in that program. :)  In other great news, our investigator Maritza Troncos is attending regularly and so everything is on set for her baptism on the 31st . :)   We are super happy for her so were just praying everything continues to go well :)  Anyways, our ward mission leader didn’t show up to teach the gospel principals class so as we walked in . . . everyone looked at me like "well Elder Harris, are you gonna teach it then?"  I ended up teaching the class and it turned out really well :) Everyone in the ward found out that I was leaving the area because they all saw my replacement Elder Wilde and it was actually pretty sad. I don’t want to leave Ignaciomerino!!

After church we ate lunch with the Cuadros family. :) They have a son that’s an RM and its really fun to talk to him :)  Like every stinkin meal here, we had rice and chicken :) haha please...... please, please please PLEASE don’t make rice for the next year when I get home. Please.

Sunday was also my companion’s birthday.  His old ward, Enace had already planned a party so we bounced over there for a while and ate dinner and cake :)  It was fun to get to know the members on the other side of Piura.  We smashed some eggs on his head and had a good time. As we were coming back, we saw someone die . . . but I guess that’s a story for another day. :)

Things are great here. Elder Paredes and Elder Wilde are seriously hilarious. We laugh and laugh and laugh . . . all day. :)

Anyways, love you guys. I miss you like crazy!

-Elder Harris

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