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Monday, November 9, 2015

14 Months Today

This week was great!  Today, I complete 14 months in the mission. I have nothing to say.

Last Monday we just kicked it and played soccer with Tacatex.  As we were leaving to proselyte in the afternoon, we got a call saying there was an emergency and an elder was in the hospital so the secretaries called me to help them out. My companion kicked it at the hospital with the elder and i stayed the night with my old companions :) haha Elder Paredes and Elder Wilde.  I also had the chance to say goodbye to my good friend, Harol. from Negritos, my first area! He left on his mission to Colombia the other day and I got to say goodbye to him. 

Tuesday I was still with the secretaries so for the 5th time, I picked up the new kids from the airport. :) I didn’t mind, it’s pretty fun anyways :) We also ate tacos and I can’t complain with tacos. We said goodbye to the missionaries that are ending their missions and it was a little hard for a few of them... Elder Mendoza, Llanos, and Ipanaque. They were my homies. Also a few members threw me a small goodbye party in Tacala even though I was only there for a week and a half :) We ate hamburgers because I’m white and white people like hamburgers.

Wednesday I got my new companion.. his name is Elder Urpeque and he’s Peruvian. He’s from Lima. We got to the bus station about 1 PM to head out to Puyango and there weren’t any busses until 3:30, so we ended up waiting there for 2 hours (contacting of course) until we left. It was a LONG bus ride... long, long, long, hot, and sweaty. 6 hours.  We arrived about 10:30 PM.  I had a lot of time to think on the bus haha.  It made me miss you guys because I knew that it was your birthday and I knew exactly what you guys were doing... I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you guys.. but hey, I promise I’ll be there next year :) 

Puyango is DOPE. HOT. HOT. HOT.  The worst part was when we got to our room, we didn’t have  a fan.. and were in Peru so of course there’s no air conditiong. . . . oh my word we’re dying.  It’s like an oven in our room and it’s super humid here as well.  I feel wet all the time.  It’s also a lot greener... more trees ya know? :)  It’s not just pure sand like Piura - oh and don’t even get me started about the mosquitos... I’ve been here for 4 days and I already have at least 100 mosquito bites... and THEY’RE HUGE!!!  Not kidding, the size of a quarter. Anyways, we dropped our things in our room and went right to bed because we were so tired. :)

Our room is actually pretty nice compared to some of the other rooms in the mission... it’s about as big as our living room. And not kidding, that’s big for some of the rooms here. Some of them are the size of your bathroom. We have water about 80 percent of the time.. so were happy with that :) Power is about the same... 80%.  The city of Puyango is really small.. probably about the size of Alpine. 

Thusrday was... great :)  Never in my life have I opened an area....... it’s been quite the adventure the past couple days. There is nothing progressing here. Zip zero nada. There is a member named Fabiam that’s been helping us out a little bit but he doesn’t know much more than we do so basically were starting from scratch. Anyways, the first day we got here we met a kid named Brayan Ancajima.. he’s 17 and super smart. We entered his house and taught him the restoration and invited him to be baptized. He accepted so were getting the ball rolling.  :) :)

Friday we had a lesson with a convert named Mari Estela. She reminds me of Grandma Harris. We talked about the life of Jesus Christ, but more importantly the Atonement.   The spirit was thundering... tears welled in my eyes as I testified of the love of our Savior.  I will forever be grateful for Him, and His eternal sacrifice. "y estando en agonia, oraba mas intensamente; y era sudor como grandes gotas de sangre que caian a tierrra" Luke 22:44

I also met an exchange student from Belgium. Like what in the world are you doing  in Puyango, Peru? He told us that french fries are from Belgium. Fun fact for the day.

Saturday was swag. We ate squid ceviche and squid soup. Yayyy . . . no but for real its super good. We had weekly planning but it was completely useless because no one knows anyone haha. I never thought it would be this hard opening an area. We found a less active member later in the day named Mercedes. She’s been less active for 8 years and we talked about the Sacrament. The spirit was definitely present... I felt guided. The spirit spoke through me and as we finished we asked her if she would offer the last prayer. She replied no super quickly. We asked her why not and she started to cry... she told us that she had never felt the love of our Father in Heaven so strong in her entire life.  It was amazing.  A testimony that God will never abandon His children.

This week has been super good... hard, but were making it work :)  l’m loving it out here, even though I want to kill every mosquito that lives on this earth. I love you guys!!

-Elder Harris

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