Called to Serve in the Peru Piura Mission

Monday, November 23, 2015


Last Monday I didn’t play soccer because I was still feeling pretty sick, but don’t worry I’m better now :)  I still have these weird white pus infections in my throat and tonsils that hurt like a mother but I got some medicine last Saturday and it seems to be helping. :)   Anyways, later that night we were having a visit with an investigator named Ricardo. His whole family are members but he just hasn’t pulled the string yet... we talked a lot about baptism and the importance of the covenant and we put a baptismal date for the 12th of December.  Fingers crossed :)

We also got some bad news... there’s a less active member named Felix Infante.  He’s 22 and the realest G I’ve ever seen.  Anyways, he’s having problems in his family so his mom is kicking him out on the street and apparently burned all of his clothes. He’s leaving to Lima to live on the streets for a couple weeks until he can work up enough money to live somewhere... I feel super bad for the kid. 

Tuesday our investigator Lesleye invited us over for lunch haha thank heavens . . .  NO RICE. she made noodles with chicken and it was really good :)  As we were contacting that day, we saw a miracle. Apparently there is this sister named Ursula Salvador that was listening to the missionaries about 2 years ago but the missionaries had an emergency transfer and she never found missionaries again.  Apparently she had been looking for us for 2 years and so when she saw us, she explained to us we were like angels. Wow!

Wednesday was a little slow. :)  We walked and walked and walked and walked and walked.  We were so tired and at about 8 PM we about sat down but then a thought from the Savior came into my head "Salvation was not easy for me, and it certainly won’t be easy for you".  It gave me a motivation to keep moving forward, and we did :)  We also ate some anticucho to relieve the stress my word, I LOVE THAT STUFF.

Friday we met Mari. She explained to us that her husband passed away 2 years ago, and we explained to her that God made a plan long before that. We told to her exactly where her husband was, and that she will have the opportunity to see him again.  The look on her face was indescribable...I wish you could have been there to see it.Hher eyes filled with hope.... and with love... 

Saturday we ate duck at the bishop’s house.  We’re also focusing a lot on family history and I’m actually really enjoying it.  We haven’t had a lot of time to look it up but I’ve been looking up my great grandparents and it has been an amazing experience...

Sunday I had to give a talk in church. :)   It was great, I’m so serious. I feel like it was one of the better talks if not the best talk I’ve given. I talked about diligence in the Gospel. D&C 107:99-100.  I talked about John Rott Moyle.. the man from Alpine, Utah that walked to the Salt Lake temple every morning to help build it.  I talked about Parley P Pratt and how he served a mission in Chile and then Brigham Young asked him to serve another mission in the Eastern States. And then I talked about Grandpa Ray... traveling to New Zealand.  It was great :) I just wish you could have been there to hear it :)

Anyways, hope everything is swell with you.  I miss you, mom :)  I’ll see you in 9 months from today :) i think. :)

I love you!!!!!!!

-Elder Harris

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