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Monday, December 7, 2015

Becoming the Missionary God Wants Me to Be


SOOOO last Monday we went to Piura, right? So as we were crossing the Piura - Tumbes border, they asked for our IDs. Haha. Little dumb Elder Harris thought my drivers license from Utah would work so I gave them that. Haha.  They looked me like I was retarded and were like "come with us." Haha. Anyways, they were chewing me out because I didn’t have my passport or my Peruvian ID because it’s all in Piura in the offices.  Anyways, it was P day so no one in the office was working and so basically I had no proof that I was actually legal to be there.  Not kidding they about arrested me. But in the end everything worked out and they found out I was actually legal but I felt super bad because I kept the bus waiting for like 20 minutes. Haha! As I walked back on, everyone was giving me dirty looks.  Good one Elder Harris.

Tuesday we had a training meeting with President Rasmussen. It really helped me focus on my purpose as a missionary. To serve... to love... to be direct. I’m not perfect, but I’m striving every day to be more and more like our Father in Heaven and its making all the difference. I feel like I’m changing... (not my looks im still ugly)

Anyways, I got to spend the day with one of my homies, Elder Nuñez from Arequipa, Peru. We stayed with him for 2 days in Piura and we had a good time. He’s ending his mission this week so it was kind of a last shabang. :) 

Wednesday I went with his comp to visit, Elder Tineo. SUPER, SUPER SHY! Hahaha. Not kidding, I don’t think he said 2 words in the lessons but we had a good time anyways :)  I also took advantage of being in Piura and went to the doctor to get my fungus rash checked out that I’ve had for the last year. Anyways, the fungus I have is super common for foreigners that aren’t used to the heat and so she gave me some creams and pills and the rash his fading away :) 

Thursday was amazing. The training with Elder Godoy was amazing. He’s from the quorum of the 70, and from Brazil. You can definitely tell that he was chosen by God. He burned us a little, apparently Piura is the lowest baptizing mission in all of South America. Everyone was pretty discouraged but it gave me desire to keep pushing at 100%. He helped me understand what I need to do and how I need to help change the mission. He said something to us that I absolutely love "When you promise something, the heavens have to fulfill because you are representatives of Jesus Christ.  Have no fear".  

I will become the missionary that God wants me to become. 

The meeting ended about 4PM and we were off to Puyango :)  So get this, as we were arriving into Puyango about 10 PM we saw a ton of cars stopped in front of us for miles. Apparently the fisherman had put up a road block because they are mad because Ecuadorian pirates are coming down and robbing and killing them while they are fishing. The police aren’t doing anything about it and now they want patrols out on the ocean and so they put up a roadblock to protest. It was a mess and we ended up waiting there for like 2 hours... I was so exhausted I just wanted to be in my bed.  We ended up getting to our room around 1 AM and woke up early and had another full day.

Saturday was soo sick. We helped the Visitacion family.  Haha! They gave me a machete and I went wild chopping trees, bushes, everything I could find was choppin and droppin.  We were there for about 5 hours doing work.  Haha. I seriously love that family... so amazing. 

We visited a less active member named Luis. He mentioned to us that he has problems with his testimony so we asked him when was the last time he read the Book of Mormon.  He told us that it had been about a year sinse he had last opened it and we were like WELL DUH YOU HAVE PROBLEMS. OPEN YOUR DANG BOOK OF MORMON! If people would just understand that simple thing. :) Anyways, as we were wrapping up, his drunk dad came in and starts bawling to us that he wants to change his life. He was really drunk and smelled really bad. Trust me, I know because he gave me a big bear hug as I left... ehh. 

Sunday was testimony meeting. I always love hearing the testimonies of the members. We ate lunch at the bishops house and his wife made us yellow rice (bleh) and jello juice . . .   hmmm . . . my favorite..........................

BUT HEY, favorite part, we helped a member send her mom’s name to the temple so she could get baptized. It was really special for the member we helped, and she was really grateful for us. :) 
We’re here just trying to help :)

Anyways, Christmas is in the air. I even saw lights on a house yesterday.. :) They just don’t celebrate Christmas here like we do in the states. Haha! But a great week.   I hope you guys are great. Love you!!

-Elder Harris aka 3rd son

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