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Monday, December 21, 2015



This week was great! On Monday, we got the closest thing to snow here in Peru, RAIN - and a lot of it. Not kidding, it rained more Monday night than it has in my whole mission. We got soaking wet and we didn’t even care. :) 

Tuesday we had a miracle. We’ve been struggling here a little bit in Puyango opening this new area but God recognized as efforts and blessed us with a kid named Joandry.  About 2 weeks ago, I fasted that we would at least find and be able to baptize 1 person in the month of December.  As the month was coming to an end, and not seeing many prospects, I got a little a little discouraged, but didn’t lose the faith.  :)   On Tuesday we passed by the house of a strong member in our ward named Maria Estela Quiroz.  She told us that her kid hadn’t been baptized yet and he wants to get baptized. We were thrilled and put the baptism date for Saturday :)  God truly does work in mysterious ways.... HE LIVES!

Wednesday we went to an area called Mafaldalama but we call it Narnia because... well... its like Narnia. haha :) ANYWAYS, we went out there to save some souls and we came across a girl named "Dolores".  When she told me I could not hold myself together cause in Spanish, dolores is "pains"! HAHA!  I got a good laugh imagining her mom just finishing giving birth and the doctor is like hey, what do you want to name her? And the mom is like "PAINS!" oh mannn..... :) 

So Wednesday night, get this, we had a ward activity AND I DRESSED UP AS SANTA CLAUS! It was such a hoot, oh my word.   They all wanted me to do it so I was like why not? :) I took pics with the kids, danced around, and shouted HO HO HO in the middle of the street in my gringo accent :) It was super fun for the first hour but then it got hot..... really, really, HOT.   Especially because it’s humid so here.  

Thursday we found a homie named Bruno.  I’ll tell you more about him later – I’ll just say he’s gonna get baptized.

Friday night we were knocking doors and we knock on this door and see a man inside slouched over on a chair. He was a little startled, but he let us enter in his house.  We got to know him a little better and he explained to us that his mom and brother had just recently passed away about a month ago. He lives alone, no wife, no kids, no one. His house was about the size of my room, no roof, completely empty besides a couple chairs and a couple blankets on the floor for a bed.  My heart absolutely broke to see the sadness in his eyes, I just wanted to sit there with him and cry all night long. The pain and the emptiness in this man. Wow. We taught him the plan of God.... about exactly where his mom and brother are... and that thanks to Jesus Christ, he will be able to see them again. It was amazing to see his head look up, and smile... empty holes being filled with hope.  This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Saturday was the baptism of Joandry.  We went to the chapel in the afternoon to clean the font and set up some chairs, returned about 6 40 P;M to find Joandry and his family waiting in the chapel.  He looked so happy. :) We chatted for a bit as everyone piled in, we took some pics and we were ready to begin the program. The speakers flaked but good thing that were missionaries and we always have a message on the top of our head to share haha :) 

Joandry took his first step into the font, followed by my companion, Elder Urpeque.  They stood in the font together for a couple moments as the spirit filled the room.  He raised his right arm to a square and repeated: Joandry Sebastian Quiroz Ugaz, habiendo sido comisionado por Jesucristo, yo te bautizo en el nombre del Padre, y del Hijo, y del Espiritu Santo.  Amen.
Joandry Sebastian Quiroz Ugaz, having been commissioned by Jesus Christ, I baptize you in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

He went down, and came up... clean.  Pure. Without sin. A new person... born again. The room was filled with so much love as everyone congratulated him.  I would seriously do anything to live in that type of atmosphere forever.... just a little longer until we are back into the presence of God.  Just a little longer :) 

I hope you guys have a great Christmas... I love you guys so much. I’m sorry I won’t be able to be there, but I’ll definitely be thinking about you guys. :) 

Have a great Christmas!!

-Elder Harris :)

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