Called to Serve in the Peru Piura Mission

Monday, March 7, 2016

Moving Forward

Okay so not to keep you waiting for too long, yes I did get transferred.  I am now in a place called Chulucanas.. wer'e in charge of half the city, and another city called Morropon.  Chulucanas is super new... it’s a branch and Morropon is a family group.  It’s about an hour away from here, so were gonna be traveling there a couple times a week to work with the ward.... I guess Dad is not the only 1st counselor in the Bishopric anymore..... :) My companion is Elder Lazaro... he’s super chill.. kinda quiet. He’s from Huancayo, Peru. 

This week was great! For p day, we just helped members get the water out of their house because Piura is underwater. Not kidding, you’ll have to look it up on the internet... we had fun doing it though. :)

Tuesday I had the opportunity to give 2 blessings. It’s amazing to me how many blessings I’ve given in my mission, and how much it talks about giving blessings in my Patriarchal blessing. I don’t want to sound braggy or anything, but it almost feels like every time we give a blessing, they always choose me to seal the oil, and give the blessing. I love doing it though, its one of my favorite parts of my mission because for just a couple minutes, I feel even that much closer to my Savior. I truly am HIS voice. 

Also, we got some good news... on Tuesday, Guillermina decided that she was gonna be baptized!  It was kinda out of no where, but we were super excited for her. :) She has been Catholic her WHOLE life, and now she has been converted in just a month. It truly was a miracle. On Thursday we finished the lessons, Friday she had her baptismal interview, and then Saturday she asked me if I would baptize her before I left. I told her I would be happy to do it. :) We passed by her house at 7 pm to pick her up and it was POURING rain. Haha. We got all changed into our white clothes, and we were ready to go. I help her down into the water and waited until it gets completely silent. Then I asked her if she was ready. She said yes, and then I raised my arm to a square, repeated the baptismal prayer, she went down, and came up.... clean... perfectly clean. Pure. 

As we were changing out of our wet clothes, I looked at myself in the mirror and I just felt God smiling at me... as if he was proud of me and the work I’ve done in San Bernardo. It was a near perfect moment... A MIRACLE!

Sunday she was confirmed a member and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Oh my word, I wish you could’ve seen the difference in her. She had a light shining so bright, unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  Truly converted. 

Wednesday we helped Roberto move more dirt. :) I think that’s like 5 days now. Haha. But it is definitely paying off because he is changing his life around... not kidding, he has stopped drinking, he’s going to church, and reading the B ok of Mormon with his kid now. If you would have seen him when we first met him, you would not even recognize him now... he is a new person. MIRACLE.

We also visited the Zapata Family.  They’ve been members for 28 years and now they don’t go to church. We asked them a question "if Jesus was here with us right now, what do you think he would say to you?"  It was a thick silence, and tears began to fall from her face as if a question never before had penetrated her heart so deeply. She looks up at us and said "now I understand. Thank you."  The spirit was so strong in that moment, I wish I could have lived in it forever.

Friday it rained all day but did that stop us? nahhhhh... :) We walked to appointments in water up to our knees! :)   No one received us because one we were soaking wet, and two everyone was throwing water out of their house.  Haha.  We had a good time in the rain though. :) 

Sunday was a sad day........... it was tough saying goodbye to everyone.  I even stood up and bore my testimony and I EVEN GOT A LITTLE CHOKED UP.  I’m gonna miss San Bernardo like crazy... they were my family.  I took like 100 pictures yesterday and it would be impossible to send you all of them, but I’ll send a few. 

Now it’s time to start up again and keep the work moving forward in Chulucanas. I’m super excited to start to get working.

Thanks for everything, love you!!!

-ELder Harris

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