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Monday, March 28, 2016

No More Mold!

This week was sick.

Last Monday, we hiked mount Ñañañique :) It was super fun, we took pics.. it was soooo hot though. My word, I about died. Speaking of heat, I hear that babies are dying from the heat because there is absolutely no escape. It might just be rumors, but still... it’s hot.

Later in the night, we met with the a family. The mom and 2 sons are on board for baptism, they know it’s true, and everything, now we are just waiting for the father. We’ve talked to him and he wants to be baptized, but he told us he’s scared to change religions and to change his lifestyle... I guess his family is super catholic... but nothing is impossible with God. I’m almost sure that they’re gonna get baptized here pretty soon....:)

Tuesday I had the opportunity to give a blessing to a sister named Rosa.. the spirit flooded out of my mouth, just what she needed to hear. I was talking with my companion the other day about our Priesthood and we were talking about how many other people we have blessed as far as blessings, baptizing, and many other things... I feel like as of right now, God is happy with how I am exercising it... and I plan to continue to bless other people. :) It truly is a gift from God. 

At our district meeting this week, we had a interesting topic..... ready? Complaining. A little out of the ordinary but it was an amazing class.  We tried our best all week to keep our complaints to ourselves and it was amazing how different the week was... we had the same amount of success but the difference was extraordinary.  Maybe it’s something that you guys can try too this week... :) Every time you are about to complain, catch yourself, and keep it to yourself... I promise you’re gonna recognize a difference in your week :)

We put another baptismal date for a sister named Leydi ... April 24th stay tuned.

Wednesday we are FINALLY GETTING THE MOLD OFF OF THE CEILING IN OUR ROOM... MY WORD it’s been a straight battle but its coming off.  :) We had a visit with Ricardo... he’s awesome, I’m serious.  He is so ready for his baptismal date the 16th of April.. he knows a ton, reads the Book of Mormon more than I do, and knows that it’s the truth. What else can you ask for? :)

Thursday we took a trip to Morropon.   It was kind of a bummer we didn’t find our golden investigator.. it’s a little tough to run the area when its an hour away.. but were making it work. :) 

Friday pretty sure we watched the "Hallelujah" video 20 times with different people! Haha!  It’s amazing how open these people are... you knock on their door and tell them you want to watch a 2 minute video about Christ and they’re already preparing a lunch for you. Haha. We had an interesting couple let us in their house.... Leonellis and Aybalinda. They had a ton of deep doctrine questions and it made me realize one thing. No matter what the question, WE HAVE THE ANSWER. The gospel of Jesus Christ was restored by his prophet Joseph Smith. It’s organized with prophets and apostles, with Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone... IT IS THE ORIGINAL CHURCH OF CHRIST! There are no questions that cannot be answered. We have the truth!

Saturday we had interviews with President Rasmussen.  I always love talking to him, he truly is an inspired man. He helped me a lot understand what else I need to do to be a perfect missionary... but hey, mom... I’m getting there. :) Little by little. :) We decided on a date and we chose the 8th of August... not sure exactly when I would get home, either the 9th or 10th.. but for now, it’s written in the books. He told me if I wanted to change, I definitely could... but for now, mark the calendar for the 10th.

Sunday was fast Sunday. I still remember the first time I fasted in the mission … IT WAS SO HARD, and now... ha, its like 24 hours passes like that *snap*. 

Anyway, it was a great week... a ton of miracles, a ton of people, and a ton of BAPTISMS! LETSGOOOOOO!

les amo!!

-Elder Harris

nocaj yachani quechuata!!! :)

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