Called to Serve in the Peru Piura Mission

Monday, April 4, 2016


This week was very good :)

Last Monday we just kicked it and made some lunch. :)  We went to the market and bought some squid and made squid cerviche... basically its the only type of cerviche we can eat here in Peru.  It’s raw squid with lemon juice, onions, and cilantro. It’s HEAVEN!

Tuesday we had a funny experience. We knocked on this door and this girl named Rosa opened it and let us share with her. We started talking about baptism because we’re machines and all we do is baptize. Anyway, she tells us that she doesn’t need to be baptized cause she was already baptized in the catholic church. We explained over and over and different ways trying to be as nice as possible trying to tell her that her baptism wasn’t valid... but she was just not understanding. My companion asks her "Okay, and how old were you when you were baptized?" (hoping that she would say when she was a baby) she responds... "10 years old". My companions head gets really low, stares at me for like 5 seconds and says "crap, its valid then".  Oh my word, I about lost it laughing.... I could not control myself in front of this investigator... literally like 30 seconds of straight laughing. It was so bad! Hahaha!

We’re still looking for people to teach... pretty sure we looked all Tuesday and Wednesday - and well.... were trying to keep our heads up :)

Thursday we went to Morropon. The members there are pretty discouraged because there isn’t much progression in the area since they took out the full time missionaries.  I guess a few of them have stopped going to church and it makes a difference when there’s only 20 active members.  We tried to pass by all the members homes and encourage them a bit.  I feel like it really helped. :) We talked about 1 Nephi 8 and the iron rod.  I think it’s in verse 23 and 24 where it talks about 2 groups of people that were holding to the iron rod... then, a black vapor showed up and 1 group couldn’t keep moving and let go of the rod, while the other group held fast to the rod and pushed through the black vapor. Even though we have problems, like the Lord said to Joseph Smith "all experience will be for your good." 

Friday was April Fools and it was kind of a bummer... it’s not as funny when your comp isn’t American because he doesn’t really get the idea of April Fools... :)  We saw a miracle that day. We were out in the straight BOONIES looking for this reference that was given to us and we could just not find it... so we see this family, not kidding, maybe the last family on the street, and we feel an impression to walk over and talk to them. They let us in their house, and comes out that they are a golden family.. .Jose and Marleni. :) They opened up to tell and told us that they had been praying to God recently looking to find the true church, but they weren’t getting an answer. I looked at them straight in the eyes and with all of the authority that I possess, told them that this was God responding to their prayers. That it wasn’t a coincidence that we walked 30 minutes into the boonies to find them.  The spirit hit like I have never felt before in my entire life... we taught them the restoration and it was powerful. We have another lesson with them tomorrow so I’ll let you know how it goes. :)

Our other golden family is hanging in there... they told us that they want to be baptized but they have a drinking problem.  We asked them what type of advice they thought that Christ would give them if He was with us ? They thought for minute, and replied "He would tell us to stop drinking alcohol". We sat in silence for a moment and then I looked at them and said with that same power and authority "Then I invite you, as a representative of Jesus Christ, to repent, and change your lives".   It was bold, and they did not misunderstand. They old us that they would do it, that they were gonna start today. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Saturday general conference... wow.. what to say, what to say.  I could sit here for hours talking about all my favorite talks but I don’t have enough time... I think my favorites was Thomas S Monson in the Priesthood session... it literally was 2 minutes long, and I loved it. So simple, and direct. He touched on 2 major points. 1) don’t be in situations that put your priesthood in jeopardy and 2) I have the power of God,  and I better use it. What else is there to say? AMEN!  How blessed do i feel that God has blessed me with His divine power.... 

We travelled to Piura and we stayed there with some elders so we didn’t have to travel back to Chulucanas.  It was so fun to see all my friends in the Miraflores stake. It was amazing how many of the members I knew, and how much I love them, and how much they love me. I feel like they’re my second family here, mom.. I truly love these people.

I also can’t believe it was my last conference in the mission... the 10 hours went by so fast. I can honestly say walking out of the meeting, I felt strengthened... my testimony of God, Jesus Christ, and their chose servants has been strengthened... I KNOW that Thomas S Monson was called to be a prophet.

Christ lives.... "por que buscáis entre los muertos al que vive, el no esta aquí, sino que ha resucitado" HE IS RISEN!!!!!!!

One day, we will live with Him again, we will be happy, and it will be forever. :)

I love you guys...

-Elder Harris

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