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Monday, May 2, 2016

100 Days Left!

Hey family! :) 

Que tal como les va? :)

Last Monday for p day we went to La Encantada which is like a tiny little desert village that is famous for ceramics. I got some stuff, I’ll show it to you when I get home. :) Anything in particular that you guys want?!

Monday night we had a family home evening with the whole branch. :) We had a good time, and it was a way to bring all the members together. :) We also got free papa la huancaina - so I can’t complain. :) 

Tuesday we traveled to Tambo a moto............again........... took another 1 hour and a half. Haha! But we had a good time talking. It goes by fast when you’re having fun. :) We had to go there again for a baptismal interview so we were happy to do it. :) We talked about getting the members more involved in the work and I had an idea of having huge visits with their neighbors... so what did we do in the afternoon...? :) We knocked on this door and this girl named Juana opens, she lets us in her house but first we say "hold on just a sec were gonna go get a member of the church to come with us" we run around the block and pick up the relief society president, Ines. As were coming back, we knock on ALL THE DOORS of their neighbors and invite them to Juana house, oh my word it was amazing.  We sat down with all of them, like 10 people, but we saw this lady selling maracuya juice in the street we invite her to come in and she sits down and we just started asking questions to the member, Ines about the church like "how has the church helped your kids?" , "Whats your favorite part of the church?" ect, and turns out we found A TON of new investigators AND all of them committed themselves and their neighbors to go to church, TOGETHER! Haha! It was great! :) God works in mysterious ways :)

Wednesday we found Geancarlos and his girlfriend. They told us they couldn’t go to church because they had to sell in the market... we decided to pull out the big guns, Exodus 35 : 2. "if you don’t keep the Sabbath day, you’re gonna die" haha it was great , they were SHOCKED that the scripture was actually in the Bible. So we basically we scared them into coming to church. :)

Thursday we went to Morropon and helped Veronica in her house for literally like 2 hours.  Ahh we cut branches with machetes, made a wooden medical kit, hung traps...... ect.. We love her though, and we were happy to serve her. We went to see our favorite aunt Cucha... she asked if we were hungry and if we wanted lunch, we told her that it was fine cause a member had already prepared lunch for us ... she basically started to cry.  I guess its super offensive to reject food here in Peru.. so what ended up happening? She made us a HUGE plate of rice, and another lunch of rice, aceituna, and chicken intestines.. Yummmyyyyy *rubs tummy, shakes head* 
literally about exploded.

Friday we had a mission night and it was AMAZING! We were able to get 132 referrals in 1 night from the members!! What did we do? we gave everyone a paper and pencil and asked them a series of questions... some of them were pretty fun, like first one to write down 10 countries wins a packet of Oreos.. :) Other questions, like write down all the families that have more than 6 kids, the person that can write down the most in 2 minutes wins!! So they had a ton of fun, it went really well , and then after the activity we asked all the members who the people were and went to visit them... it was awesome. :)

Saturday we saw a huge miracle... there’s this man named Cesar Hidalgo... he was a super active member with his wife for 10 years, sealed in the temple, even a member in the bishopbric, but one day, 2 years ago something happened and he rejected the church. stopped wearing garments, threw them away and hated every member of the church. Last saturday night, he was a completely different man. God truly had touched his heart.  He told us that he wasn’t happy and that he was ready to start over again, a new life and that he was saving up 100 soles to buy garments for him and his wife. He bore his testimony in church yesterday and it was one of the most powerful testimonies I’ve ever heard. How is it possible? God lives. Jesus Christ lives, and is aware of the problems and circumstances that we face. There is no other explanation... I know this is true.

I can’t believe I only have 100 days left... I’m not ready to come home. I’m giving it everything I got. 

I love you guys, see you on Sunday!

-Elder Harris

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