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Monday, May 23, 2016

You are angels . . .

Habla familia que tal. :) 

This week was fun.. a little slow... but a great week, like always. :) Last p-day I bought a sick soccer jersey... never thought I would get myself to do it… because it’s soccer… but it's pretty cool.  I’ll send you a pic :) It’s a Messi jersey from Barcelona... I’m hoping Cody doesn’t have the same one.. pretty sure he got the Argentina Messi jersey, I’ll have to ask him. 

Later that day we had the opportunity to prepare a young man to enter the temple... Giancarlos Alburqueque.  He’s 20 and thinking about serving a mission.  I love talking and teaching about the temple.. it’s one of my favorite topics... and to bear my testimony of the spirit that resides there.  It truly is the house of the Lord, there is no other place like it on earth.  I still remember that first time I walked into the Celestial room with all of my family.  It was one of the only times in my life where I truly felt my breath being taken away from me.  I miss the temple a lot.. so, my advice, GO TO THE TEMPLE THIS WEEK! TAKE ADVANTAGE THAT ITS ONLY DOWN THE ROAD! Trust me, you have no idea how blessed you are. We talked to Giancarlos about being baptized for his dad, and becoming an eternal family... the spirit was so strong, how merciful is God. 

"You are angels.. you have a special power to reach out to people the way Christ would" -Cristi Hidalgo.  She’s a less active member that made this comment to us on Tuesday. We taught her and the husband about tithing... it was a strange topic, especially on the second lesson, but we felt impressed to do it. As we were talking in the lesson, Cesar commented to us that he was thinking about paying his tithing last month, but he never could get himself to do it.  We asked him why he thought that we shared this message and he responded "I don’t know".  We laughed a little too and responded the same... we don’t know either, but God commanded us to share it to you. He paid his tithing :)

We’re in a branch right now in Chulucanas and were working a lot so that we can get a ward here. It’s so close, we’re just lacking a couple people that don’t want to pay their tithing... but hey, were getting there. :)

We had a lesson with Martin and Maritza... they’re super cool but they have some marriage issues. Since my companion and I are only 19 years old, we didn’t have the best advice for them especially because we’re not married, but we testified of our parents... that you and dad have been together for more than 25 years (around there) and that the answer to a functioning relationship is CHRIST!! There is no other way... so thanks for being that example :)

On Thursday we had a district meeting and we set goals on how to become consecrated missionaries.  I made a goal to completely purify my mind…. But has I have made a goal to completely kick out every bad thought with a hymn, I’ve felt the spirit more strong in my life these past couple days... God is helping me :) 

Friday a sister called asking for help.  We went to her house and turns out that she had a forest for us to pull out. Haha! We start going wild and I think I must have been allergic to the plant pollen because my eyes and throat started to swell up and I couldn’t breath very well.  We got it all under control though… so don’t sweat it mom :) I guess the sun didn’t help it either, I was sweating like a dog. We started our fast, and then cleaned the church.

We had an impression to call this investigator family that we hadn’t visited in over 2 months. We passed by their house and Nancy, the wife started to tell us a story that her little boy just the day before told her that he wanted to go to church, but didn’t know what church to go to.  It was an answer to their prayers that we showed up right in their time of need... God truly does work in mysterious ways.  They were set on coming to church on Sunday butttttt to make a great story crap, they never showed up! Haha! Maybe next week. :) 

On the bright side, we had a great day at church and learned a ton. :) haha!  I hope you guys haven’t gotten trunky and stopped going to church.............

Keep working hard, love you guys, see you soon! :)

-Elder Harris

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