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Monday, June 6, 2016

Another Fish with Face

This week was FAAABULOUSSSS!!!

We are teaching a couple Jhonny and Milagros.. they’ve been having problems with evil spirits in their houses, and they were about to go get the Catholic priest to come bless their home, but God guided us to their house.  We´ve been teaching them for about 2 weeks now they are reading the Book of Mormon, they even kneel to do their family prayers every night...  and they haven’t had a single problem since.  God is powerful. They are a poor family, and Jhonny the father was gonna go look for a job in Lima... we felt impressed to promise him that if he would stay faithful in keeping the commandments, everything would work out.  Thursday we arrived to their house and he was so happy to tell us that his neighbor came by and offered him a job to work in the mango fields.... a miracle. Wow.

Our other amazing investigator Rubelia Cienfuegos is great. Every time we go to her house, she invites us to eat dinner. Tuesday she made us rice and fried goat cheese... uhhh really weird. On Saturday she made us rice and fish with face... haha!  We had just barely eaten before we went to her house and to be honest, i just couldn’t get any more rice down.. so what did I do? Whenever she wasn’t looking, i pulled out my water bottle and shoved the rice in it hahahaha! I’m terrible, I know. :) I’ll send a pic. :)  On the bright side, I won’t have to eat for the next 3 days. :)

Wednesday we went to Yapatera and we found Juana and we started to talk about the Atonement. She was on the verge of tears as we started the lesson... we would ask her questions and she just couldn’t hold her self together enough to open her mouth and answer. She told us she knew who we were, that we were servants of the Lord and that she had been waiting for us. We plan on opening a church in this little village and we have a goal to have a sacrament meeting this transfer over there.

On Saturday, we were coming back from a meeting we had in Piura about getting out of our comfort zone.  I thought it was an interesting topic.  As we were going back to Chulucanas, a lady gets on the bus with her baby. There weren’t any empty seats, so I stood up and offered her mine.  She accepted and while I was standing.  I felt the spirit tell me to "contact the bus". I thought that idea was crazy, that I would stand up and contact the whole bus. I mean there was like 60 people on there, but..... God never gives commandments that we can’t fulfill. So I walked to the front of the bus, turned around and looked at everyone while they were all staring at me wondering what I was doing. I opened my mouth, and it was filled... I told them that I was a representative of Jesus Christ, and I invited them to repent.  I don’t rememeber exactly what I said, I just cleared my mind, and the spirit spoke through me. It was a really cool experience of "getting out of your comfort zone".  We then gave a picture of Christ to everyone on the bus. :)

Sunday was elections here in Peru so we didn’t have church.  It was the "dry law" so we were only aloud to leave for 2 hours to teach and we could only visit members. It was really, REALLY boring, but we cleaned up our apartment really and made banana pancakes so I guess you could call it a good day :)

As always, love you guys, see you sooon!

-Elder Harris

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