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Monday, June 13, 2016

Books of Mormon & Passion Fruit

Hey family, great week, saved 2 villages.

Sorry I'm so late getting on, we went to Piura today and we're a little late getting back.    

Neil L Andersen came to your stake conference?  For real, and I missed it??  How lucky are you, count your blessings.  :)

We found this chick that was here in Chulucanas that was from some tiny village like 45 minutes from here.  When she saw us, it kinda freaked her out. Haha.  It was like she had never seen a white person before. We sat down with her and a member and shared the Book of Mormon with her.  She was astounded and promised to bring it back to her village so everyone else could read it. Haha. Saving villages one day a time. :)

We also had the opportunity to give many priesthood blessings this week.  I love to give them, it makes me laugh that I was so nervous when I first received the Melchizedek priesthood, and now it’s a treat.  One that really impacted me was an older lady who could barely move. We entered into her room, kneeled by her bedside and put our hands over her head.  I can’t remember what I said in the blessing, but it was different than any other blessing I have ever given. As I stood up, all of the family members were crying around me. It was very powerful. 

President Rasmussen received revelation or something new in our mission that we must contact our investigators daily... so my companion and I had an awesome idea. We realized that the people here in Piura just don’t have a strong desire to read the Book of Mormon and it’s so key to conversion that they can’t be converted if they don’t read it.  We noticed that we spend so much time on people that never even pick it up so what did we do? We grabbed 15 Books of Mormon, chose a street close to the church and knocked on all the doors.  We gave them a brief explanation of what the book was and showed them 3 Nephi 11 to read when Christ comes to the Americas. We left the book open with them so they could read it and we found that it was very successful that many people actually sat down to read it.  Now we pass by their houses every day to see if they are reading and we´ve found a ton of new people!!

On Thursday morning, we got up early and went with a member to his passion fruit field to help him for the day. :)  We had a lot of fun, it was just really hot :)

Sunday was great, like always... :) We had 5 investigators go to church, and on time too... ITS A MIRACLE!! :) haha! We’re changin Chulucanas!!!!

love you guys, see you soon!

-Elder Harris

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