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Monday, April 13, 2015

God's Hand was in this One


This week was amazing!  We had the opportunity to give like 4 blessings and every single one of them was amazing. I love when people ask us too because it’s such an easy way to fill the room with the Spirit. 

Wednesday we had a lesson with our investigator Teresa Castillo. It was a powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon, all 3 of us bore our personal conversion story. After, we invited her to be baptized on May 2nd. She told us if she had received an answer by then, she would be baptized.  Yeah, so Saturday we were just passing through the neighborhood right? We see hermana Teresa talking to her friend Lucia (member) so we went over and got talking to them for a second.  The conversation changed to the Gospel and she told us that she had been praying for the last 2 to 3 months and she finally received the answer that the church is true.   Ah it was such an amazing experience.  We are SOO happy for her.  I know God had his hand in on this one... there’s no other way.   But like always, there’s a problem.  She works every other Sunday. So yeah, to be continued with her.

This week I learned a ton.. we had a zone meeting and we talked a lot about faith. That as a missionary, I must have faith in every contact, every person, and in this work but more than anything, we MUST have faith in HIS timing. In the problems and difficulties that we have.. we must have a hope that there’s a brighter day.

As for Carolay Michele.. she’s ready to be baptized.  Her mom supports her 100 percent but her dad is still a little iffy..   Yesterday Elder Rengifo and I fasted for her and her parents that they would lighten their hearts.. so I’ll keep you posted on that :) 

Sorry i don’t have much time to write today, we got to internet a little late and we got to get heading out in a minute.. so thanks for everything.

I hope you have a great week :) I love and miss you guys!!!

- Elder Harris

PS:  I have not received that package yet... hmmm

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