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Monday, April 6, 2015

A Conference Miracle


You’re kidding! I didn’t know that you guys were going to Mexico this week???   I thought that you were talking in like a month or two you guys were going?? oh how jealous I am. hashtag sucky english problems

Well, im happy to hear about your hip... :) Seriously I was super worried for ya... hopefully Cody and Kenzie are helping you out a little... just remember if I was there, I would be at your bedside for anything you needed :) Ii might have even sat with you and watched some movies :)

Like you said, transfers were this week and unfortunately Elder Soto left... he went to Talara to be a zone leader with one of my good buddies here, Elder Chapman. I was a little sad with the transfers... I was really hoping that we would have had another transfer together... but I guess God has other plans :)

My new companion is Elder Rengifo... he’s from the jungles of Peru. He’s super cool... we haven’t had a ton of time together as for now, but we have been getting along great as of now :) And yes, another Latino... crazy! That’s like 4 in a row! Martinez, Melo, Soto, and Rengifo.

This past week was great... Last p day we WALKED to a tiny village outside of Sullana called Marcavelica.  We hung out there drank some coconut milk and enjoyed ourselves on this huge hill that looked over all of Sullana... oh I wish you guys could have seen it.. it was BEAUTIFUL!
Tuesday Elder Soto and I taught the district meeting together and it turned out really well... we’re working with this family Timana Silupu right now... there less active and progressing a ton... they’ve attended church the last 3 weeks in a row so boohya! We’ve been working a ton, but we the majority of the people here don’t really care to know... they just want to listen because it’s the "word of God".  We call them students so it’s been a little tough but I heard something this week I love - "the key to know God is to struggle"

We did get to give a blessing to one of our investigators this week...some things are going on in her life so she asked us if we would give her a blessing of comfort and she asked me to give it.  I felt the spirit so strong and when we finished, I wish you guys could have seen her.  She was just so happy... her eyes welled up with tears and just thanked me with everything she had.

As for General Conference, I LOVED IT. 10 hours went by WAYYY to fast. I had a lot of questions answered and a lot of personal revelation received... I wish we could watch conference every day.
 I was fortunate enough to watch 4 of the 5 sessions in English.

Oh get this, so Sunday Morning... all of Sullana attends church in the stake center, right? we had more than 700 people attend conference. A MIRACLE! I don’t know how.... it was amazing. The whole sacrament room was filled as well with every room. Since there was so many people, a couple of the missionaries including me had to run all around town looking for chairs and coordinating everything so unfortunately I missed the 1st hour of the Sunday morning session including the talk from Thomas S Monson... I was a little bummed but I guess the others got to see it so it makes up for it :) 
I loved every talk, I don’t think I can pick a favorite... but I loved the one about how we should dance to the music of the Gospel.

I hope you had a great week in Mexico... love you guys!

- Elder Harris

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