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Monday, April 27, 2015

Be Patient in Thine Afflictions . . .


This week was amazing. I guess I´ll start off by saying that this Saturday were gonna have a baptism for Michel!  :)   We’re super excited for her!  So anyways I’ll tell ya the story.  On Tuesday we got the news that the baptism wasn´t gonna work out.. we were super discouraged and I really lost like a ton of motivation to work. It was like everything was just drained from me. So we got home and I was reading in the scriptures for something that could help and I came across Alma 26 27 where it talks about the Sons of Mosiah and how they didn’t have any success.. how their "hearts were discouraged and they were about to turn back"... "but the Lord comforted them... and said be patient in thine afflictions and I will give unto you success".  The scripture hit me really hard.. I was instantly filled with the Spirit and felt a peace fill the room.  So we continued praying and praying and later in the week, we got news that the baptism was gonna work out for May 2nd. :)  It was truly a miracle. 

The past 3 weeks have been amazing. Probably the most success I’ve had so far as a missionary. We talked a lot about Priesthood this week.. and how there is a difference between authority and power... that all of us have authority, but when we are worthy, obedient, living the commandments, we also have power.  And that power changes people.

Wednesday night.. Elder Eddington from PG completed 2 years in the mission, Elder Galindo from Spain completed 1 year and I completed 6 months so whatever - we celebrated it anyways.  We burned a shirt for Galindo and a tie for me :)  I’ll send pics :)   For Eddington, we bought a dozen eggs and flour and smashed it on his head... it’s like some weird tradition here in Peru :) 

Saturday was probably the most successful today I’ve had in my mission.  We had 9 lessons and found 4 new investigators. The spirit was with us all day.  We talked a lot about families and if we live the gospel and do what were supposed to do, God blesses our families.  It was amazing to me that I can testify of the truthfulness of that statement because we have that in our family. We are so blessed as a family because we live the commandments of God. 

When I was in the "shower" Saturday night, I literally was a little sad that I don’t have much time left in the mission.. that i already have 7 months gone.  But for real, it’s been the best 7 months of my life.  :)

Thanks for everything. I love you guys.. miss ya. :) 

- Elder Harris

Joke of the week.. we were talking to this couple and they told us that their son had already moved out, has a wife, and his own house.. best part, he's 15! :) haha! I dont even know what I was doing when I was 15.

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