Called to Serve in the Peru Piura Mission

Monday, July 20, 2015

10 miles into the Sahara Desert

This week was chill... nothing to special happened - a little frustration but hey... we’re still having a great time :)

Monday we played Cranium?? Like what who does that anymore? But we had fun. Every Monday, our P Day ends early cause we have an office council meeting with President and Hermana Rasmussen and we talk about everything we need to get done for the week. This week, Hermana Rasmussen asked if one of the secretaries could help her with this HUGE project she wants.... anyways, we knew how much work it was and we all kind of looked at each other trying to figure out who would volunteer... but then I figured, hey, what a great way to serve.  So you bet I raised my hand.  Anyways, the project is a straight beast.  I’ve been working on it for the past 6 days on TOP of all my normal work. Not even close to done either. haha. Wish me luck.

Tuesday was a little sad.. one of my buddies went home.  I got to spend his last day with him here in the office.  We chatted it up all day. I told him how much I respected him for making the decision and it seemed to really touch him. He told me to enjoy every minute of the mission because you never know when its gonna end... SO hey im enjoyin it :)

Thursday was nuts.  Piura like blew up in a smoke cloud... I guess they’re fumigating the city for mosquitos because Dengue is becoming such a big problem.  Anyways, there are people dressed in toxic outfits and have gas masks.   Not kidding, it looks like they’re invading the world. Their smoke machines look like machine guns. Haha.  I tried to take a pic but I couldn’t see anything through the smoke. I haven’t noticed a difference in the mosquito population but not kidding there’s like 40 Elders that are sick with Dengue. Oh ps - the gas smells horrible.

Friday I ripped my shirt on a power cable - nothing else to say about that.

Saturday I completed 2 months in the office. Time has passing by bien rapido.  We didn’t have time to work that day because I had to go with Elder Vasquez to the clinic.  We got there around 6 PM and didn’t leave until 11 30 PM.  I was with him for about the first hour or two and we had a good chat.  He’s from Santiago Chile and so we talked a lot about Jared’s mission.  Anywyas, the next 3 hours I just sat in the emergency room lobby. It was pretty lonely so I just started talking to everyone who came and sat by me. haha.

Sunday was great as ever :)   We walked 10 miles into the Sahara Desert to pick up an investigator to go to church and turns out, "he couldn’t" ha PLEASE. Anyways, we also talked about following the spirit when we feel his promptings. I loved what the bishop said that the longest distance between us and the spirit should be a whisper.  I think that’s such an important lesson that the youth need to learn.  That when they are in places or situations that don’t allow the spirit, GET OUT. Haha.  Maybe I’ll share that with my kenz :) 

Anyways, it was a good week :) 

-Elder Harris

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